Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Mid-Term Grades in CSS

A:  Mid-Term Grading provides a means by which students, advisors, and student support staff can be notified of students’ academic standings in a course at the mid-point of the semester.

A: Mid-Term Grades are entered by logging in to MyBGSU and selecting Faculty Center. A grade roster icon will appear to the left of the class name once the option of entering mid-term grades has been activated by Registration & Records.

A:  Mid-Term Grade roster will be created by the seventh week of the regular term.

A:  Mid-term Grades may be entered and submitted by those who are listed as connected to the graded component of the course.  If teaching assistants cannot access the grade roster, please contact the Student Records Department in Registration and Records for assistance at .

A:  Mid-term grade entry must take place via Faculty Center. The option of entering mid-term grades via an interface from Canvas is not available.

A: Students will be able to view their Mid-Term Grades as soon as they have been entered and Saved. Unlike the process for entering final semester grades, students will be able to view this information as soon as it has been Saved, regardless of the Approval Status field being set to “Not Reviewed” or “Approved”.

A:  Yes, it is possible to enter some mid-term grades, selecting Save and then returning later to complete the data entry. Any mid-term grades that have been entered will be visible to students, advisors, and student support staff.

A:  If you have entered grades for all students on the roster you may change the status to Approved and save your data. If you are only entering grades for some students, simply save the data and do not change the status.  

A: Yes, advisors can access Mid-Term Grades via Faculty Center by selecting the Advisement Tab near the top.

A: From the drop down menu displaying **Student Details** select Grades and then select the appropriate semester. From the View My Advisee’s Grades page, select the Mid-Term Grades tab. The advisor will now be able to view the Mid-Term Grades reported for this student.

Last Updated: 3/23/2020