Selective Reserve (Chapter 1606)

If you are eligible for Chapter 1606 and have not been approved to receive educational benefits, you will need to complete a Veterans On-Line Application (Form 22-1990) located at

Servicemen that have been approved to receive Chapter 1606 benefits, or are transferring to BGSU, need to complete a BGSU VA Intent Form - Military Member.

 If you served overseas for 30 consecutive or 60 nonconsecutive days, your International Perspective requirement (if your major requires one) can be waived. Submission of a DD214 indicating foreign service dates is required.

To possible benefit from your military service, a military transcript should be submitted as soon as possible. A Joint Military Transcript may be ordered at for those who served in the Army, Marines, Navy or Coast Guard. Members of the Air Force may order transcripts at

Last Updated: 2/8/21