Violations and Fines

Parking enforcement efforts at BGSU result in a variety of violations, defined in the Parking Rules and Regulations. Permit holders are responsible for all violations issued to their registered vehicle and to any vehicle in which the permit is displayed. Violations associated with unregistered vehicles brought onto campus by faculty, staff and students for their use are the responsibility of that individual. Visitor violations are the responsibility of the registered vehicle owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have 10 calendar days to appeal a citation. If you are a student and you choose not to appeal, then that citation will automatically bill to your Bursar account on the 11th day.

For everyone else with a parking citation, you also have the same 10 day appeal window. If you choose not to appeal a statement will be generated on the 11th of every month. You will continue to get our statements for 3 months and then your account will be sent to collections.

We accept cash, check and all major credit/debit cards.  

We also accept online payment here

Contact Parking Services 419/372-2776 during business hours to arrange for a boot removal or for after-hours service you can contact the BGSU Police Department at 419/372-2346. If the vehicle is affiliated to a student, the boot fee must be paid before the boot can be removed. Other fines owed on a student parking account can be paid at a later date or will transfer to the student's Bursar account after 10 days. Vehicles not affiliated to a student must pay the boot fee and any fines older than 10 days to have the boot removed.

Contact Parking Services at 419/372-2776 during business hours to request a tow release. At all other times, contact BGSU Police Department at  419/372-2346. Vehicles will not be released from the towing company's impound lot without the proper authorization form Parking Services or BGSU Police Depatment.


Explanation & Fine

101 Permit/Registration Offense
1st offense – $0 fine warning
2nd offense – $25.00 fine
3rd offense and beyond – $50.00 fine
102 Reproduced/Illegal Use
1st offense – $250.00 fine
103 Parked in a Disability/ADA Space
1st offense – $0 fine warning
2nd offense - $250.00 fine
104 Parked in a Restricted Area
1st offense – $50.00 fine
105 Overtime in a 20 Minute Area
All – $25.00 fine

Not Parked in Assigned Area/Lot
1st offense - $ 0 fine warning

2nd offense - $25.00 fine

3rd offense and beyond - $50.00 fine

107 Outside Designated Space
1st offense – $0 fine warning
2nd offense and beyond - $25.00 fine
108 Overtime in Meter/Prepay Space
All – $15.00 fine
109 Boot Warning
All – $0 fine warning
110 Boot Violation
All – $50.00 fine

No License Plate
1st offense - $0 fine warning

2nd offense and beyond - $25.00 fine

121 & 122 Vehicle Unlock Request & Vehicle Jump Start Request