Disability Parking

In order to maintain accessible, appropriate and adequate parking for those with a state issued disability placard or disability plate, registration is required with Parking Services. This can be done in the office or online.

To register your permit, we need copies of the following: 

  • The Certificate of Registration. This can be one of two things: If you have a disability placard that hangs from your rearview mirror, this is the registration that comes with the placard. If you have a disability license plate, it would be the vehicle’s registration.
  • A color copy of your placard.
  • A color copy of both your state ID and BGSU ID (if you have one).

Once we receive everything we need, we will affiliate the permit to the vehicle you listed on your authorization form. Once that is done, you are allowed to park in any available disability parking space on campus.

Please note: In order to park in any on campus lot, a parking permit is required along with your disability placard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone displaying a state issued disability license plate, hang tag, or placard along with a valid BGSU parking permit may park in any designated disability space on campus. When not parking in a designated disability space, you must park in the lots designated by your valid BGSU parking permit. All ADA parking spaces are marked by their location on the BGSU map.

If you are parked in a designated disability parking space within a pay area; and have a valid BGSU parking permit (long term or daily) you do NOT need to pay. If you are a visitor with a disability placard or plate, but no permit, you are required to pay for the time needed.

Updated: 02/16/2023 02:19PM