Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located in the College Park Office building. Office hours are Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and you can reach us at 419-372-2776 or by email at

Purchase of a parking permit is not required; although, in order to bring your vehicle to campus and park, you must have a current and valid BGSU parking permit. Permits are required Monday-Thursday 7 AM to 7:30 PM & Friday 7 AM to 5 PM. Some lots have short term pay options, however they are intended to support the needs of visitors to campus.

Faculty, Staff, and Students may complete the necessary documentation via the MyBGSU portal.  Visitors, Vendors, and Contractors may purchase permits at the Parking Services office.

Visitors may purchase a one day visitor permit at the Parking Services office or at the kiosk by the Visitor Center for $5.00.  Long term permits are not available for visitors.  Other options provided are pre-pay lots and meter locations.

If you drive a motorcycle to campus you must register/activate the plate through your parking account just as you would any vehicle you bring to campus. 

There are multiple designated motorcycle parking areas located throughout campus. Also, a two-wheeled vehicle may park in any parking space associated with your valid BGSU permit as long as the vehicle is registered under that permit.

Motorcycle Parking Areas

  • Area 1 Lot E-West side in the South corner
  • Area 2 East of Hayes Hall by Eppler
  • Area 3 Lot 1 - Southeast corner
  • Area 4 Lot X - middle row, north end
  • Area 5 Lot R - NE corner

Individuals who change vehicles are required to update their registration with the new vehicle information.  The vehicle update may be completed online at MyBGSU or in person at the Parking Services office.

If you drive a vehicle other than the one you normally drive you will need to activate that vehicle for the day through your parking account. Make sure that you affiliate the vehicle to your virtual permit number by following the steps found here.

On Holidays when the University is officially closed, only fire lanes, handicapped spaces, service vehicle spaces, and reserved parking spaces will be enforced.  This does not apply to student-only holidays and breaks (the University is open for business), during which all permit and metered parking areas will be enforced.

Updated: 06/23/2021 10:56AM