BGSU faculty authors guide for architects

BOWLING GREEN, O—For an architect, a standard resume or portfolio is not an adequate introduction when presenting him- or herself to potential clients. Not only are the finished products important to share, but also the process by which the architect works—and that is more difficult to convey.

A new book by Andreas Luescher, architecture and environmental design, provides an invaluable, step-by-step guide to preparing a portfolio that accomplishes both goals. “The Architect’s Portfolio: Planning, Design, Production” can be used by students seeking entry into architecture programs, by emerging professionals and even by established architecture firms.

"The book is designed to immerse readers in the creative process of portfolio making,” Luescher said. “The portfolio is both an object and a process."

Published in July by Routledge, the book takes a new approach to the process. Luescher interviewed and included case studies of 20 architects from around the world—including from the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil and China—and presented their thoughts in a question-and-answer format along with examples from their portfolios. While their styles differ widely, each provides a vivid picture of both what and how they create.

Drawing on lessons from these models, “The Architect’s Portfolio” is arranged into four action sections that lead users from identifying themselves and their audience to planning, designing and producing an attractive portfolio. It provides straightforward advice ranging from how to decide what to include to how to choose the right paper.

Architect Kevin Le, whose visionary 3D portfolio stresses interaction with the client, wrote of the book, “I am honored to be one of the contributors in such a cool resource for students and professionals. It has been a learning experience for me, and I feel that I have gained insight into my own process. I will definitely recommend it to my students.”

Luescher has taught a portfolio workshop at BGSU for 10 years. Feeling the need for a text to support the course, he decided to write his own. Under his tutelage, BGSU architecture students have gained entry to prestigious graduate schools all over the country including Harvard, Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles and the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.


(Posted October 05, 2010 )

Updated: 12/02/2017 01:07AM