Management Guidelines


Establish a University-wide standard for the use, creation, and management of official branded social media communications accounts and communities.


These guidelines pertain to all University, student, department, college and alumni organizations that choose to represent the Bowling Green State University name and brand. All information posted by these groups on social media outlets regarding BGSU should reflect best practices as they relate to individuals, the organization and BGSU.

Regular review of these guidelines is expected; failure to do so is not justification for noncompliance.

Social Media Manager Expectations

  • Maintain active communication between themselves and their leadership, faculty and the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy.
  • Serve as first point of contact for any social media related questions and collaboration across the University related to your department.
  • Ensure all University communications best-practice resources and guidelines are communicated and adhered to with those who have access to your department’s social media account.
  • Actively monitor all engagement on your department’s social media accounts. Engage with your audience and act as a resource for your followers.
    • Deliver timely customer service. Offer additional communication resources such as email and phone numbers to further assist your audience and to reduce the risk of misinterpretation.
    • Do NOT respond to University-related inquires and issues with your personal social media account.
  • Notify and proactively communicate with BGSU leadership and the Official BGSU Social Media Team in a timely manner regarding emerging issues, concerns, predicted crisis communications, emergency response needs or upcoming potential hot topics.
  • Retain official inventory and contact information for all those who have access to your department’s social media account(s). We recommend having at least two administrators on all of your accounts.
  • Catalog your department’s social media logins to ensure access for future administrators.
  • Post consistently on your department’s social media platform, at least once a week, with engaging content that reflects the University’s strategic plan, Forward.
  • If you decide to hire a social media intern to help you create content, the administrator is responsible for the content posted, not the student. Close supervision should be had over what content is posted.
  • All content posted must be accessible. See our accessibility policy.

Updated: 03/14/2023 12:18PM