Payment Due Dates

Fall: Aug. 1 | Spring: Jan. 1 | Summer: May 1
New charges after the published due dates will be due the first day of the following month.

BGSU Student Bill and Payment Options

Student bills are available exclusively online through MyBGSU and reflects your current registration and billing information. Because the bill is available in real time, you can verify all fees are correct before the payment deadlines.

How to View a Student Bill

The online student account summary available through MyBGSU serves as BGSU's official bill. Students can log in using their user ID and password and authorized users can also access the student online bill using their unique user name and password.

  • Log in to MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select My Account

Step 1 | Students may allow parents and supporters to view their online bill and to make payments by granting permission through Access BGSU. To do this, students must follow these important steps:

  • Log in to MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select Profile
  • Select Share My Information in the navigation window
  • Click the Delegate Access To A New Contact button
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions
  • Fill out the form and select Bursar Information 
    • Your student is going to need your contact email address when completing the form.
    • An email will be sent to the address provided confirming access. 

Step 2 | Once a student has granted you permission, you can login through ACCESS BGSU, with your unique username and password.

  • Go to
  • Enter the email address and password provided by your student
  • Select Bill and Payment
  • Select Student Name

Please note: Parents and Guardians can make a payment on a student's account without access to a student's bill. If you do not have access, you can make a payment using the "No Username or Password" option.

Student Insurance Requirement

All BGSU students who are enrolled in eight or more credit hours are required to be covered by health insurance. Even if you are currently covered by insurance, you are required to waive out of the BGSU student health insurance plan.

Waive or Enroll Today

Make a Payment

Bowling Green State University accepts certified & personal checks, money orders, and electronic payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, eCheck or 529 Plan) for tuition and fees.

We do not accept cash payments. To guarantee we receive your payment on time, we recommend paying online rather than paying by check. We do not have a cashier’s office on campus and mail could be delayed.

Please note: There will be a non-refundable convenience fee charged on any credit/debit card transaction (2.75% Domestic - 4.25% International).

There is no additional charge for eCheck payments made from a checking or savings account. A $30.00 fee may be assessed for all returned/rejected web payments. Please double check your entries before submitting your payment to ensure the correct information has been entered.

There is a 529 service fee of $10.00 associated with this payment method which will be deducted from your 529 plan account in addition to the requested withdrawal amount, if paying online.

We do not accept in-person payment. If you would like to pay by check, the preferred method is to pay online through the eCheck method. 

Sending a check in the mail could delay payment and payment must be received and processed before the due date. However, if you must send a check through the mail, please use the following address and instructions.

Office of the Bursar
1001 E. Wooster Street
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Make checks payable to: BGSU
Please include: Student's BGSU ID number on the check

Bowling Green State University has teamed up with flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international payments for tuition and fees. It's fast, simple and cost effective from any country at any time. For more information on how it works use the following link: flywire.

Please note: Payments directed to BGSU should be rendered for the amount due based upon the student account summary, or the expected amount of tuition, fees, and on-campus housing less any anticipated financial aid. Payments for off-campus housing, or other personal living expenses should be directed to your personal bank account, (not the University). In the case of flywire transfers, the wire transfer will be reversed to return funds back to the originating account less any return costs.

Payment Due Dates
Fall: Aug. 1 | Spring: Jan. 1 | Summer: May 1

The due dates represent the date that payments must be received and processed. Any new charges after the published due date above will be due on the 1st day of the following month. For example, the fall due date is Aug. 1 and a student makes a room change on Aug. 21, the new charge will be due Sept. 1. 

Late Payments and Service Fees

If a payment is not received by the due date, a late fee may be assessed and the student's class registration, on-campus housing, and dining/meal plan are subject to cancellation.

  • Monthly service charges of 1.5% are assessed on all outstanding past due balances.
  • A late payment fee of $100 may be assessed on any unpaid balance as of the first official day of each semester.
  • To avoid possible enrollment cancellation, please have your financial aid, approved payment arrangement through a BGSU Installment Payment Plan and/or personal payment in place by the due date. 

Payment Plans

Bowling Green State University offers an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) to help students and their families manage their charges. When you enroll in in an IPP, you will have peace-of-mind knowing your educational expenses will be divided into manageable installments, it's a convenient way to manage education expenses and an automatic payment option is available. 

Updated: 02/26/2024 09:07AM