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Please become familiar with the cancellation of student class schedule (deregistration) policy to help ensure there are no interruptions to move-in or loss of academic registration.


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Cancellation of Student Class Schedule (deregistration) Policy


There is an expectation that students must fulfill their financial obligations (including but not limited to tuition and fees) to the University prior to the beginning of each semester in which they enroll. Students living in residence halls must meet the same payment requirements in order to gain access to their residence hall rooms at the beginning of each semester.


Student accounts must be paid in full or be up-to-date in an approved installment payment plan (IPP) arrangement by the posted due date on the monthly bill preceding the semester start (e.g., August 1 for Fall Semester, and January 1 for Spring Semester) which falls prior to the start of semester classes. This policy also applies to occupancy in residence halls; i.e., students will not be permitted to move in (or return to) their residence hall rooms unless they have fulfilled their financial obligations according to the University’s approved payment due dates. Failure to satisfy financial obligations, both past due and current charges, will result in cancellation of student class registration, on-campus housing and dining/meal plans.

This policy applies to all Bowling Green students for all student charges for fall, spring, and summer class schedules, residence hall room assignments, dining plans, past due balances and any other charges.

  1. Failure to satisfy account balances by the posted due date on the monthly bill preceding the semester start will result in the cancellation of class registration, on-campus housing, and dining/meal plans.
  2. The following are considered satisfactory payment arrangements (after application of anticipated and disbursed financial aid):
    • Payment in full.
    • Enrollment in an approved Installment Payment Plan (IPP) and being current on IPP payments according to the published payment schedule. The installment payment plan and registration fee is described in the Tuition and Fees Brochure on the Bursar’s Office website.
  3. If class registration is cancelled due to non-payment, the balance owed must be paid in full before the student is permitted to re-register for classes. If a student’s classes are cancelled, he/she is responsible for creating a new class schedule. Class availability will not be guaranteed.


The University email system will be used to notify students that their course registration has been cancelled.

Reasonable attempts will be made by the Bursar's staff to contact students via email and telephone utilizing the most recent data contained in the University’s student information system. It is the student's responsibility to maintain current address and telephone contact information in the system. Students can update their address and telephone information in their Student Center in MyBGSU.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of the Bursar with questions regarding their bills, bill due dates, and payment status.

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