Financial Responsibility Agreement

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement is an agreement that outlines and informs students of the financial obligations and responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes at BGSU. It is required to be signed before a new student enrolls for classes and also explains the potential consequences that may be taken if a student fails to meet their financial obligations.

The agreement only needs to be signed once per Undergraduate or Graduate career at BGSU. 

How to Sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement

  • Login to your MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select Action Items
  • Select Financial Responsibility Agreement

Follow the prompts and submit. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully completed your Financial Responsibility Agreement. The related hold will also be lifted and you will be able to proceed with enrollment.

Signing your Financial Aid Authorization 

After you sign your Financial Responsibility Agreement, we strongly recommend completing your Financial Aid Authorization. 

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Financial Responsibility Agreement FAQs

Our goal is to help you understand the cost of your education and the financial policies associated with your enrollment at Bowling Green State University. This agreement, in conjunction with our website, letters and other documentation, helps define the University’s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of our policies.

The Financial Responsibilty Agreement serves as notification of potential consequences of non-payment, and provides vital account information. If you choose not to complete the Agreement, you will not be permitted to register for classes. Students with concerns about this policy are encouraged to contact the Office of the Bursar.

You have the right to manually sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement by contacting the Bursar Office. Please note that if you choose to sign a paper Agreement, you may experience delays in removing the hold and class registration.

You can view your completed Financial Responsibilty Agreement anytime in your MyBGSU.

  • Login to your MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select Action Items
  • Choose Completed Agreements

You can also contact the Office of the Bursar for more information. 

An electronic signature has the same force and effect as a written signature. When you login to your MyBGSU account, your username and password verify that you are the intended user and ensures that your signature is valid.

Updated: 05/12/2022 02:49PM