BGSU Refund

BGSU eRefund:
BGSU eRefund is a convenient, online service for direct deposit of student refunds. 

Here's how to enroll in BGSU eRefund:

  • log into MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select My Account
  • Select BGSU Refund

    Bank account information must be updated whenever an account change has been made. Failure to update this information may result in a delay of your refund.

Parent Plus Refunds to Borrower
If you are receiving a Plus loan to pay for your tuition and fees, and the refund is not released to the student, a paper check will be mailed in the borrower's name and home address.

Check Refund:
Students not enrolled in e-Refund will receive their refund via check. Check refunds are mailed to the home address on file with the university. 

Please ensure that your address is current. Updates to your address may be completed in the Student's MyBGSU.

Here's how to update your address:

  • Log into MyBGSU
  • Select Student Center
  • Select Profile
  • Select Addresses
  • Select Current

    Please Note: In the event a credit is issued to the student account and a credit card was used to process a payment, the credit will be refunded to the credit card.

Stop Payment/Refund Check Replacement Procedures
Reporting a Lost Check -   When students request a replacement of a check issued by BGSU that has been lost, they will need to complete a Student Account Stop Payment Form.  Students must wait a minimum of 30 days after the issue date of the check before requesting a stop payment and reissuance of check.   

There will be a $25 stop payment fee assessed to students for replacing a lost check.  If students want to avoid the $25 fee, they can enroll in eRefund and the fee will be waived.  The student must enroll in eRefund before submitting the Student Account Stop Payment Form.  BGSU will apply the funds from the check to the student account, if there is an outstanding balance with the University.

Change of Address – Financial aid and regular refund checks are issued to your address of record.  You are responsible for keeping your personal contact information up to date on your MyBGSU account.  If you had an address change or failed to update your address prior to the release of the refund check, the check may become undeliverable, lost or outstanding.  If your student account or financial aid refund check is deemed undeliverable by the post office, we will contact you by e-mail asking you to update your current address on your MyBGSU account.

All stop payment requests must be submitted on a Student Account Stop Payment Form completed and returned to the Office of the Bursar at

To obtain this form, please contact the Office of the Bursar at 419.372.2815 or

For more information, please visit the full Refund Policy in the current Tuition and Fee Brochure.