Falcon Tuition Guarantee 2019-2020 Cohort

The Falcon Tuition Guarantee

The Falcon Tuition Guarantee (FTG) provides all main campus, undergraduate, first time students and their families the certainty that tuition, room and board, out-of-state surcharge, special purpose fees, and course and class fees will not increase over the four academic years at BGSU. The Falcon Tuition Guarantee provides transparency and predictability about the cost of attending BGSU.

All tuition and fees are approved by the University’s Board of Trustees. Any questions regarding these rates may be directed to the Office of the Bursar at 419-372-2815.

Falcon Tuition Guarantee 2019-2020 Instructional Rates and Non-Resident Fee Rates

(All courses taken for audit are charged the same rates as those taken for credit.)
(All students are assessed the Instructional Fee and Non‐Residents are assessed an additional Non‐Resident Fee)

Falcon Tuition Guarantee 2019-2020 General Fee Rates

The general fee is a mandatory fee assessed to all Main campus and Firelands campus students. Students paying the maximum are entitled to attend free, or at a reduced admission fee, most campus activities and athletic activities (student section – subject to seating limitations). Students paying less than the maximum are entitled to attend a limited number of activities.

These fees also support the Bowen‐Thompson Student Union, intramural sports, and other student services, activities and related capital projects.

Students registered for full time hours are also entitled to full use privileges at the Rec Center and Perry Field House. Part time students must pay the difference between the general fee rate assessed and the full time rate in order to qualify for full use privileges. This is paid directly to the Rec Center. For more information, please contact the Rec Center at (419)372‐2000.

Falcon Tuition Guarantee 2019-2020 Rates by Semester
Ohio Resident
1 Credit
12-18 Credits

  *Excess Credit Fee $200 per credit hour 19 +

Main Campus Winter Session (FTG 2019-2020)
Ohio Resident
1 Credit
6 Credits

A maximum of 6 credit hours allowed unless approved through the Program Coordinator or Chair/Director.

Other Fees

ACT Test – American College Testing Program‐$26.50
Admission Fee – Graduate ‐ $15.00 (assessed to all first time graduate students)
AERT Hourly Instructional Fee - $58.00/hr
Application Fee – Graduate ‐‐ $45.00 Domestic and $75.00 International (non‐refundable) to be paid when application for admission to grad school is submitted.
Application Fee – Undergraduate ‐‐ $45.00 Domestic and $75.00 International (non‐refundable) to be paid when application for admission is submitted.
BG1 Card –New/Replacements (Students/Faculty/Staff) ‐ $25.00 per card
Career Services Fee – Supports the operations/utilization of the Career Development Center for all students. Fees are assessed as follows:
          Freshmen/Sophomores – $3.00 per credit hour
          Juniors/Seniors ‐ $5.00 per credit hour
          Graduate - $3.00 Per credit hour
          Firelands Freshmen/Sophomores – $2.50 per credit hour
          Firelands Juniors/Seniors ‐ $3.50 per credit hour
CLEP Program (College Level Examination Program) ‐ $90.00
Course Fees – vary by course. Any international course fees for Study Abroad Programs, please check with International Programs and Partnerships.
Course Revalidation ‐ $25.00 for each course revalidation. Courses older than seven years (at the master’s level)
and ten years (at the doctoral level) may not be revalidated. Revalidation forms are available in the Graduate College office or on their website at www.bgsu.edu/gradcoll/documents/index.html.
Counseling Center Fee – Supports the operations/utilization of the Counseling Center for all students. Fees are assessed as follows:
            Freshmen ‐ $.67 per credit hour
            Sophomores ‐ $1.08 per credit hour
            Juniors ‐ $1.00 per credit hour
            Seniors ‐ $.83 per credit hour
            Graduate ‐ $.89 per credit hour
Credit by Examination ‐ $80.00 per special examination
Dissertation Fee (ProQuest) ‐ $25.00 for registration of a claim for U.S. copyright for a dissertation/thesis
Duplicate Diploma ‐ $30.00
EDHD Program GoReact Software Fee - $39.99/Academic Year-Allows remote authentic experiences through video for performance assessment and feedback for teacher candidates.
EDHD Program Live Text Fee - This fee will grant access to the Live Text portal, an assessment and portfolio management system that will be used throughout your career. This is a one-time fee based on academic level:

Freshman - $133.00
Sophomore - $133.00
Junior - $115.00
Senior - $90.00
Graduate - $90.00
Employer Reimbursement Application Fee ‐ $75.00/semester
Extended Payment Plan Enrollment Fee – $100.00 (10 Monthly Installments)
FLY Program Fee ‐ $2,500.00/semester – An intensive, individualized academic support program for students with various levels of learning differences tailored to the needs of each student.
Graduation Fee ‐ $35.00
Graduate Services Fee (Main Campus Only) – $16.00 per credit hour. Assessed up to 9 hours. Supports the operations of the Graduate College.
Green Fee (optional fee)
 ‐ $5.00/semester ‐The Student Green Fund is a pool of money which is available to fund BGSU students on green and environmental projects on campus. Students may opt out of this fee each semester through MyBGSU. All students must opt out by the 1st day of the semester.
HDFS Child Development (Enrollment Fee) – Fall/Spring ‐ $720.00/semester –Summer ‐ $320.00
Independent Study Fee ‐ $15.00
Installment Payment Plan Enrollment Fee ‐ $35.00/semester for Fall/Spring (4 monthly installments) and $25.00/semester for Summer (3 monthly installments). Enrollment is completed on line each semester. Installment Payment Plan Late Fee ‐ A 1.5% of the unpaid balance will be assessed for each partial or full payment made after the due date of each installment payment and every subsequent month in which the account remains delinquent.
International Student Orientation Fee ‐ $100.00/semester
International Student Service Fee ‐ $50.00/semester
Late Payment Fee ‐ $100.00 may be assessed to those students who have not paid their student account balance in full or are not current on an installment payment plan by the first day of each semester.
Late Registration Fee – a late registration fee may be assessed to any student who registers after the first day of the semester as follows: $25.00 from the 8th day of the semester through the 14th $50.00 from the 15th day of the semester through the 44th $75.00 from the 45th day of the semester and thereafter
Legal Fee‐ (optional fee) ‐ A $9.00/semester fee assessed to all main campus students. Payment of this fee gives students access to legal counsel. Students may opt out of this fee each semester through MyBGSU. All students must opt out by the 1st day of the semester.
Library Courtesy Card ‐ $25.00 – Any Ohio resident may apply for a courtesy card for borrowing privileges at the University Libraries. Please ask at the circulation desk of Jerome or Fireland’s Libraries for an application.
Library Processing Fee (Lost Book) ‐ $36.00
Matriculation Fee ‐ $100.00 onetime fee assessed to all first time, Main/Distance/eCampus, undergraduate, degree
seeking students
Miller Analogies Test ‐ $50.00 this exam tests ability through 100 analogies. Administered for entrance into Graduate School.
Music Fees ‐ College of Musical Arts also has special fees for certain types of instruction. These fees include:
               Advanced Audio Recording Techniques (MUCT 437) – $30.00
               Applied Music Fee ‐ $150.00 per credit hour for 15, half hour lessons ‐ $300.00 per credit hour for 15, one hour                            lessons
                Audio Recording Techniques (MUCT 436) ‐ $30.00
                Class Harp ‐ $22.50 per credit hour
                Class Piano (MuED 150, 151, 154) ‐ $22.50 per credit hour
                Instrument Repair Class (MuED 402) ‐ $20.00
                Music Equipment Usage Fee ‐ $75.00 per semester (fall/spring); $50.00 per semester (summer)
                Music Technology Lab Fee ‐ $30.00 per semester
                Para Voice ‐ $45.00 for two credit hours
                Student Teaching (MuED 497) ‐ $5.00 per credit hour
Nursing Program Fee - $200.00/semester - Covers books, supplies, licensing fees and proctoring software for secure quizzes and testing. 
Parking Permits – Students must register their vehicles and purchase a permit through the MyBGSU portal. For additional information, please visit www.bgsu.edu/parking or contact Parking Services at (419)372‐2776, or email to parking@bgsu.edu.

Main Campus:  Annual permit ‐ $125.00
                    Semester permit ‐ $73.00
Firelands Campus (Full Time)
                               Fall semester ‐ $30.00
                               Spring semester ‐ $20.00
                               Summer semester ‐ $8.00

Firelands Campus (Part Time)
                               Fall semester ‐ $18.00
                               Spring semester ‐ $12.00
                               Summer semester ‐ $8.00                  

Faculty/Staff: Annual permit ‐ $135.00
                              Academic year permit (August‐May) ‐ $112.00
                              Fall/Spring permit ‐ $61.00/semester
                              Summer permit ‐ $61.00/semester
Temporary permit ‐ $10.00/week
Payroll Withholding by Court Order ‐ .75% or $2.00 minimum – Transactions mandated by the courts.
Perkins Late Fees – 1st and 2nd month delinquent – 15% of installment ‐ 3rd month delinquent until AG placement ‐$20.00
Registration Fee ‐ $8.00 assessed each semester when registered for classes
Return Check Fee ‐ $30.00 assessed per check returned item.
School of Art Usage Fee – Fall/Spring semesters ‐ $110.00/semester Summer semester ‐ $30.00/semester
Service Charges ‐ Service charges will be assessed at 1.5% of the past due balance, and each month thereafter, until the account is brought current.
Short Term Extension Plans (STEP) Application Fee ‐ $75.00 per extension. Military no charge.
Special Student Facility Fee (Stroh Fee) ‐ $5.00 a credit hour with a maximum of $60.00/semester. Supports the new Convocation Center. This fee was approved by the student body through a campus‐wide vote. This fee is assessed in the fall and spring semesters only.
Stop Payment – $25.00 Bank Charge.
Student Health Insurance – Mandatory for all domestic students (undergrad and grad) taking eight or more credit hours on main campus, and all international students, taking one or more credit hours. Students must provide proof of health insurance coverage by completing an on‐line waiver. This waiver must be completed by the 15th day of the month prior to the start of the semester. Failure to complete this, or not meeting the minimum basic coverage, will result in the enrollment into the University’s sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. All international students must come into the Student Insurance Office to complete a waiver or enroll in the plan. Emails from the Student Insurance Office are sent to all students until this requirement is complete.

        Plan 1 (Annual $500.00 Deductible Individual)
                        Fall Semester ‐ $873.00
                        Spring Semester ‐ $1,421.00
Student Media Fee (optional fee)
 ‐ A $9.00/semester fee assessed to all main campus students. Supports student media operations at BGSU (BG News, BG 24, and Other Web Based Outlets). Students may opt out of this fee each semester through MyBGSU. All students must opt out by the 1st day of the semester.
Tech/Materials Fee EDHD ‐ $15.00/semester for all Education and Human Development Majors
Technology Fee‐Supports the academic and personal use of technology on campus – including software, hardware, and infrastructure. Assessed per credit hour by College Office as follows:
Main Campus/eCampus/Distance Campus
       Academic Enhancement/Undecided ‐ $8.50
       Arts and Sciences ‐ $11.00
       Business Administration ‐ $13.50
       Education and Human Development ‐ $13.50
       Guest Student ‐ $8.50
       Health and Human Services ‐ $9.00
       Musical Arts ‐ $9.50
       Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering ‐ $13.50

       Graduate ‐ $13.00

Firelands Campus
        Freshman & Sophomore – $4.50
        Junior & Senior ‐ $5.00

Theater/Film Usage Fee – Fall/Spring semesters ‐ $60.00/semester
              Summer semester ‐ $15.00
Thesis Fee‐Binding/Microfilming ‐ $20.00
Upper Division Class Fee – Assessed at $12.50 per credit hour for any 3000‐4999 course level taken within the Schmidthorst College of Business and the College of Technology

Residence Hall Rates

2019-2020 Residence Hall Rates Multiple Occupancy
per Semester
Single Occupancy per Semester
Super Single per Semester
Triple Occupancy per Semester
Apartments N/A
$4,030.00 N/A N/A
Centennial Hall $3,445.00 $4,030.00
N/A $2,390.00
Conklin Hall $3,240.00 N/A
Falcon Heights
$3,445.00 $4,030.00 N/A $2,390.00
Founders Hall $3,240.00 $3,795.00 $3,940.00 N/A
Greek Village
$3,445.00 $4,030.00 N/A N/A
Kohl Hall $2,945.00 N/A
Kreischer Quadrangle $2,945.00 N/A
McDonald $2,945.00 $3,530.00 N/A N/A
Offenhauer East & West Halls
$3,240.00 $3,795.00 N/A $2,250.00

A housing pre‐payment of $200 is required and applied toward the first semester of occupancy. Room and meal plan fees will be placed on the student's account. Acceptance of the housing and dining service application‐contract offered by the University automatically binds the student to the University's residence hall rules and regulations.

Learning Communities

Arts Village Community (Fall/Spring Only) Arts Village is an extraordinary learning community for students. The community offers on-site classes specifically geared toward art students, collaborative projects, activities and social events.

Open to students in any major, the Arts Village involves exploring all aspects of the arts and sharing views with one another and faculty of various disciplines.

1st Year Arts Village Community $200.00/Semester
2nd Year Arts Village Community $200.00/Semester
3rd & 4th Year Arts Village Community $75.00/Semester

Business District Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Business District is a learning community where business students live and interact with each other. First-year students can join once they have been admitted to BGSU and have made their initial housing payment. The Business District is designed to help students succeed in their personal, professional and academic lives and provide a sense of community.

1st Year Business District Community $200.00/Semester
2nd Year Business District Community $200.00/Semester
3rd & 4th Year Business District Community $75.00/Semester

Chapman Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Chapman Community in Kohl Hall is designed to academically ambitious and highly motivated students in any academic major. It makes learning really by linking coursework to community service and other activities.

1st Year Chapman Learning Community   $300.00/semester
2nd Year Chapman Learning Community
3rd & 4th Year Chapman Learning Community

Educator in Context and Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Educators in Context and Community (ECCO) learning community is for all educations majors that want to distinguish themselves from the thousands of graduating teachers who annually enter a highly competitive job market. ECCO is considered to be one of the most progressive and promising teacher preparation programs in the country.

1st Year Educator in Context and Community Learning Community   $300.00/semester
2nd Year Educator in Context and Community Learning Community
3rd & 4th Educator in Context and Community Year Learning Community

Forensic Science Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Forensic Science Learning Community is for any student who has been accepted and enrolled in the BGSU Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science degree program. The community is designed to offer students a targeted support network to improve classroom learning and academic success, as well as provide unique opportunities beyond the classroom to investigate the ‘real world’ of forensic science.

1st Year Forensic Science Learning Community   $300.00/semester
2nd Year Forensic Science Learning Community
3rd & 4th Forensic Science Year Learning Community

Global Village Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Global Village Learning Community consist of international and American students, all majors and all have a sincere interest in meeting and learning about people from other countries and cultures. Residents are paired with students of different cultural backgrounds and share a living space. This unique and dynamic community is fueled by cross-cultural conversation, fun times, friendship and moments of discovery.

1st Year Global Village Learning Community   $200.00/semester
2nd Year Global Village Learning Community
3rd & 4th Year Global Village Learning Community

Health, Wellness and You Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Health, Wellness and You Learning Community is for first-year students who are entering health professions. Through this learning community, you’ll become a researcher on your own health patterns and learn strategies for improving your self-care. You’ll be involved in cutting edge research with health and wellness experts. You’ll also contribute to designing important programs that will make our campus healthier for future Falcons.

1st Year Health, Wellness and You Learning Community   $200.00/semester
2nd Year Health, Wellness and You Learning Community $200.00/semester
3rd & 4th Year Health, Wellness and You Learning Community

Honors Learning Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Honors Learning Community (HLC) is a place of residence for those who wish to pursue great conversation and big ideas with others. It’s an open atmosphere of students who are interested in all things a University can provide. From art to business, music to philosophy, dance to chemistry, and creative writing to math. This cosmos of passionate and learned students wish to excel through mentorship, guidance, discovery, adventure and conversation.

1st & 2nd Year Honors Learning Community
3rd & 4th Year Honors Learning Community $75.00/Semester

Honors Scholars (Fall/Spring Only) The mission of Honors Scholars is to provide a challenging intellectual experience for a small group of exceptionally achievement-oriented Honors students who are wanting to grow as citizens and realize the wisdom of pursuing that growth through studying critical thinking and moral development. Many Honors Scholars members have obtained awards and recognition for their work. Participating in Honors Scholars events prepares students to obtain admission at top-level schools after they leave BGSU and to qualify for highly competitive jobs.

1st -  4th Year Honors Scholars (Non-Residental Community)

La Comunidad (Fall/Spring Only) La Comunidad is a community for all students who are passionate for the Spanish-speaking world. Whether you are majoring or minoring in Spanish or just want to enhance your college experience, this is the place for you.

1st Year La Comunidad Learning Community $125.00/semester
2nd Year La Comunidad Learning Community
3rd & 4th Year La Comunidad Learning Community

La Maison Française (Fall/Spring Only) La Maison Française is a community where students of any major interested in French can live and be surrounded by the language and cultures of the Francophone world. Located in Kohl Hall, La Maison Française is designed to house up to 12 undergraduate male and female students who have had at least two years of high school French or FREN 1020 at BGSU. The Faculty Director has an on-site office and several French classes are offered in Kohl Hall classrooms.

1st Year La Maison Francaise $125.00/semester
2nd Year La Maison Francaise $125.00/semester
3rd & 4th Year La Maison Francaise $75.00/semester

The Natural and Health Science Residential Community (Fall/Spring Only) The Natural and Health Science Residential Community (NHSRC) includes students who are majoring in a variety of science, health and pre-professional programs. Students who live in the NHSRC say the academic support they receive is a significant advantage when it comes to gaining admission to health-related programs with highly competitive entrance requirements. NHSRC is a place where students share information and ideas with others who have the same interests and goals, including dedicated faculty who help you both in and out of class.

1st Year Health Science Residential Community Fee
2nd Year Health Science Residential Community Fee
3rd Year Healthy Science Residential Community Fee

SEARCH (Fall/Spring Only) SEARCH is a dynamic learning community designed to be a home away from home for undergraduate students from all majors, backgrounds, and beliefs who are interested in the exploration of big questions, leadership development, social justice, and close friendships.  This one-of-a-kind SEARCH experience will include participation in optional extra-curricular activities, weekly discussions, and energizing mentoring relationships as part of their overall educational experience at BGSU.

1st -  4th Year SEARCH
HOUSING FORFEITURE SCHEDULE for Full Academic Year Agreement, (Fall Only Agreement‐ if approved), Full Academic Year Agreement with breaks and 12 Month Agreement (after initial 2019‐2020 occupancy):
Fall Semester
The University will retain a forfeiture according to the following schedule:
On or before May 1, 2019 No Forfeiture
May 2, 2019-August 25, 2019 $200.00
August 26, 2019-September 1, 2019 10% of Housing Rate
September 2, 2019-September 8, 2019 20% of Housing Rate
September 9, 2019-September 15, 2019 40% of Housing Rate
September 16, 2019-September 22, 2019 60% Housing Rate
On or after September 23, 2019 Full Forfeiture of Housing Rate
Spring Semester
On or before December 1, 2019 No Forfeiture
December 2, 2019-January 26, 2020 $200.00
January 27, 2020-February 2, 2020 10% of Housing Rate
February 3, 2020-February 9, 2020 20% of Housing Rate
February 10, 2020-February 16, 2020 40% of Housing Rate
February 17, 2020-February 23, 2020 60% of Housing Rate
On or after February 24, 2020 Full Forfeitrue of Housing Rate

Meal Plan Options

2019-2020 Meal Plans and Rates
Bronze $1,745.00
Silver $2,076.00
Gold $2,243.00
To choose the right plan for you, please visit the BGSU Dining web page for more information.

Undergraduate Tuition Guarantee Cohort Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Bowling Green Campus Tuition/Fees

Revised 6/21/19

Credit hours Instructional Fee General Fee Total Fees Ohio Resident Non Resident Fee Total Fees Non Resident
1 415.56 68.30 483.86 332.85 816.71
2 831.12 136.60 967.72 665.70 1,633.42
3 1,246.68 204.90 1,451.58 998.55 2,450.13
4 1,662.24 273.20 1,935.44 1,331.40 3,266.84
5 2,077.80 341.50 2,419.30 1,664.25 4,083.55
6 2,493.36 409.80 2,903.16 1,997.10 4,900.26
7 2,908.92 478.10 3,387.02 2,329.95 5,716.97
8 3,324.48 546.40 3,870.88 2,662.80 6,533.68
9 3,740.04 614.70 4,354.74 2,995.65 7,350.39
10 4,155.60 683.00 4,838.60 3,328.50 8,167.10
11 4,571.16 751.30 5,322.46 3,661.35 8,983.81
12-18 4,986.72 819.60 5,806.32 3,994.20 9,800.52

Excess Credit Fee $200 per hour 19 +

Undergraduate Tuition Guarantee Cohort Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Bowling Green Campus Tuition/Fees (Winter Session)

Revised 6/21/19

Credit Hours Instructional Fee General Fee Total Fees Ohio Resident Non Resident Fee Total Fees Non Resident
1 415.56 15.53 431.09 332.85 763.94
2 831.12 31.06 862.18 665.70 1,527.88
3 1,246.68 46.59 1,293.27 998.55 2,291.82
4 1,662.24 62.12 1,724.36 1,331.40 3,055.76
5 2,077.80 77.65 2,155.45 1,664.25 3,819.70
6 2,493.36 93.18 2,586.54 1,997.10 4,583.64

A maximum of 6 credit hours allowed unless approved through the Program Coordinator or Chair/Director.

Course and Class Fees

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