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Updated Vehicle Immobilization (Booting) Policy:

4.17 Vehicle Immobilization (Booting) - A vehicle may be immobilized/impounded under these conditions:

a. Any combination of 6 or more paid violations beginning Fall Semester each year and the vehicle is parked in violation at the time of immobilization.

b. Any combination of 6 or more unpaid violations beginning Fall Semester even if the vehicle is not in violation at the time of the immobilization.

c. A Reproduction or Illegal Use of Permit violation and parked in violation at the time of immobilization.

d. Unauthorized removal or damage of an immobilization device. The car is subject to immobilization or impoundment until the device is accounted for or recovered.

e. After 48 hours of immobilization or less, if deemed a safety hazard by University Police, a vehicle will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. All fees must be paid prior to the release of an Immobilized / impounded vehicle. The vehicle owner must pay the towing contractor directly for all fees associated with towing and storage.

f. The Immobilization/Impoundment fine must be paid by check made payable to Bowling Green State University or credit card prior to the release of the vehicle. This fee cannot be charged to a student’s Bursar account or payroll deducted.

g. Students may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students and faculty and staff members may be referred to the appropriate personnel office for repeated violations.


New Lot 7 Opening Monday the 15th

Please see the Lot 7 Zone Map link located in the left navigation menu, or click here.

Lot 7 Section A is reserved for Admission's Guests, Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                     -A Valid Admission's Guest Permit is required during these hours.

                     -Payment at a kiosk is required outside of these hours.

Lot 7 Sections B, C, and D require payment at the kiosk and the receipt must be visably displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.

2016/17 Permits are available for purchase.

Where can I pick up my permit?

Permits will be available for pick up at the Parking office (located in Room 1 of the College Park Office Building).

Parking Services

We are here to manage and coordinate all of BGSU's employee, student, and guest parking needs. We strive to reduce parking congestion and improve pedestrian safety through the sale of permits, fair and consistent application of the parking regulations, and the promotion of our transportation system/shuttle services.

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