Parking Services


Resident Student Move-Out Procedures


Resident Students:

  • Vehicles properly displaying an On-Campus Resident student permit will be permitted to park around your residence hall for up to 30 minutes with no other parking pass required

             Please have your move-out items ready prior to parking your vehicle near your residence hall

             Vehicles remaining longer than 30 minutes are at risk of being cited for parking in violation

  • Resident Students needing a parking permit may stop into the Parking Services office
  • 20 minute loading and unloading zones will be enforced as normal

Parents, Friends, and Guests assisting with resident student move-out:

  • Anyone assisting resident students with move-out need to display a valid BGSU parking permit (available at the Visitor Center kiosk or at Parking Services) or park in a meter or Pay and Display location remitting proper payment

Bringing a Trailer for Move-Out?

  • Please make arrangements with Parking Services (Contact information below)

Additional Questions?

  • Contact Parking Services

                Phone: (419) 372-2776

                Email: parking@bgsu.edu

                Twitter: @Parking_BGSU

                Room 1, College Parking Office Building


Parking Services

We are here to manage and coordinate all of BGSU's employee, student, and guest parking needs. We strive to reduce parking congestion and improve pedestrian safety through the sale of permits, fair and consistent application of the parking regulations, and the promotion of our transportation system/shuttle services.

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