"Fatti non foste per viver come bruti ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza." (You were not created to live like savages, but to follow virtue and knowledge.)Dante Alighieri


Students studying on the program stay in shared apartments arranged by the CLI Dante Alighieri.  Students will be able to request a single room or double room, depending on availability.  Ten meals (breakfast and lunch) per week will be provided through the school.

Cultural Excursions

Living in Italy - even if it is only for a short time - is a unique experience, full of opportunities. Rome is the world’s largest outdoor museum, rich with churches, monuments, and galleries. Because the culture of Rome is so rich and varied, the program organizes special educational tours to places of cultural importance through­out the city. The entire cost of these guided visits is included in the overall cost of the program. Also included is participation in co-curricular activities related to Italian and Classical culture, including museum visits, neighborhood tours, and movies.  Examples of past excursions outside of Rome include visits  to Ostia, Naples and Pompeii.

Besides the regular courses, the following activities are examples of activities offered in the past:

  • Introduction to Rome: the town, its services, and its cultural events.
  • Guided tours of Rome: Art history itinerary; Italian architecture itinerary.
  • Italian Cinema: Presentation and viewing of films of representative Italian directors
  • Italian Literature: The new Italian writers.
  • The Regions of Italy: history, culture, traditions, and life today.
  • Italian "Opera".
  • Italian songwriters.
World Languages and Cultures offers a minor in Italian.

Italian has been taught at the university since 1967. The BGSU Italian faculty welcomes students interested in culinary arts, fashion, film, language, literature, and music to join us. Exposure to Italian culture, language, and history can enrich students' lives and prepare them for the future.

Italian Minor

15 hours beyond ITAL 2020
6 Hours at or above 3000 level

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