The department offers a three-year language and culture program in Chinese.  We welcome and encourage students majoring in other disciplines to minor in Chinese.  The Chinese minor provides solid language training and substantial cultural knowledge needed to enter China-related careers in such fields as higher education, government, international relations, business, or arts.

The minor combines core Mandarin Chinese language coursework with additional elective work related to Chinese culture. The total number of credits to complete the minor is 21. Please see the university undergraduate catalog.

Why Study Chinese?

Study Chinese

Chinese civilization of 6000 years is one of the oldest and richest in the world. Chinese is the language spoken by the largest population in the world. Chinese is one of the few languages which remain pictographic. Chinese calligraphy is a form of art. Chinese is named one of the four "crucial languages" for Americans. With the largest population and the fastest growing economy, China has among the greatest potential as a market for U.S. goods. Thus taking Chinese not only satisfies a language requirement but it could be the greatest asset to anyone's career background.

Updated: 04/28/2021 10:53AM