The BGSU Chinese minor provides solid language skills and fundamental cultural knowledge for students who are interested in Chinese culture and/or who are pursuing China-related careers. The Chinese minor combines core Mandarin Chinese language coursework with culture courses related to philosophy, medicine, cinema, visual arts, and literature. Twenty-one credit hours in applicable courses are required to complete the Chinese minor.  Please see the university undergraduate catalog.

The Chinese minor is offered by the Chinese program of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. The Chinese program provides substantial language training and comprehensive culture courses. In addition, the Chinese program has established a reputation for its all-inclusive and  exciting extracurricular activities and events. Many exciting activities and events are organized through the Chinese Culture and Language Club (CCLC). We celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Moon Festival each year. We practice Kungfu; make kites and lanterns, taste Chinese food; learn calligraphy, paper cutting, and painting. We also study and learn social customs, fashions and etiquette of China.

The Chinese program has a great record for its study abroad programs collaborated with many Chinese universities. It has study abroad programs in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Changsha. It also offers an exchange program with Shandong University and summer study programs in Beijing and Xi’an. A summer study program in the University of Macau is in the process of being developed.

BGSU students practice traditional Chinese painting techniques

Awareness through Understanding

In its over 5000-year history, China had created a glorious civilization and culture for the world. Studying Chinese language and culture helps students develop an international perspective and establish knowledge of cultural worldview frameworks. China now is one of the fastest developing counties in the world. Chinese language is currently one of world’s most widely spoken languages. Hence, learning the Chinese language and minoring in Chinese could greatly boost students’ future careers.

Featured Courses

  • Elementary Chinese Language & Culture
  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Translation of Chinese Classics
  • Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Culture
  • Chinese Film
  • Experiencing language, culture, and history in China (included in Study Abroad programs)
  • Teaching practicing in China (included in Summer Study Abroad programs)
  • Philosophy in Ancient China (in development)
  • History of Traditional Medicine in China (in development)
BGSU Students traveling to China for Study Abroad program
BGSU Students traveling to China for Study Abroad program

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