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BGSU Italian has offered online elementary and advanced courses since 2017, with 85% of students completing the introductory Ital 1010 course scoring above required levels on the

WebCAPE Foreign Language
Placement Exam

BGSU online Italian courses in English include ITAL 2620  Italian-American Experience: Mafia, Migration, Movies applicable for completion of BG Perspective requirements in Humanities and the Arts, and Cultural Diversity in the United States. Besides a vibrant cultural perspective, students in ITAL 2620 hone their writing abilities by applying the quick and practical lessons in the course textbook, Carlo Celli. 21 Tips for Effective Writing (2019).

BGSU online Italian courses and UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO

Regularly enrolled University of Toledo students may enroll in and receive credit for BGSU online Italian courses.

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ITAL 1010 - Elementary Italian I 4 credit hours

Cultural approach to beginning language. Development of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 1020 - Elementary Italian II 4 credit hours

ITAL 1010 continued.

Prerequisite: ITAL 1010 or one year of Italian in high school.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 2010 - Intermediate Italian I

3 credit hours

Prerequisite: ITAL 1020, two years of Italian in high school.

Grammar review. Development of the four language skills.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 2020 - Intermediate Italian II

3 credit hours

Prior credit in ITAL 2010 or three years high school ITAL experience is required for enrollment.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 2620 - Italian-American Experience: Mafia, Migration, and the Movies

3 credit hours

Identifies and explore cross-cultural and transnational stereotypes of the phenomenon of the Italian Mafia in America and Italy. In English. Approved for distance education.

ITAL 2700 - Independent Redings in Italian Studies

3 credit hours, 100% Web Based

Prior credit in ITAL 1020 is required for enrollment. Instructor approval required for delivery of material above 2020 level. Students interested in course material at the 4000 level should enroll in Ital 4700

ITAL 3610 - Introduction to Italian Literature

3 credit hours

Chronological evaluation of outstanding works in Italian literature from Middle Ages to present; various movements and genres. Prerequisite: ITAL 2020.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 4700 - Independent Readings in Italian

For the advanced student who wishes to study a particular author or period, or a problem in language or civilization.

Prerequisites: consent of chair of department and instructor. May be repeated.

Approved for distance education.

ITAL 4880 - Italian Literature: Advanced Studies

Prior credit in ITAL 3610 is required for enrollment.

Study of author, literary school, genre or selected theme. May be repeated to nine hours if topics are clearly different. Prerequisite: ITAL 3610.

Approved for distance education.

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