Nagoya Castle Tower in the Spring

Japanese language courses help students develop strong speaking skills with the help of regular conversation meetings, sessions in the Language Learning Center, and tutoring. Early in the first year of study students begin learning traditional script. There are ample opportunities to practice with native speakers of Japanese. Most students regularly take part in Japanese Club activities.

There are special courses on Japanese culture, film, and literature.

BGSU students learning Japanese come from a variety of majors—in the School of Art, History, in the Schmidthorst College of Business, Popular Culture, and other fields.

The Japanese Program frequently sponsors art exhibits, performances, and other special events. There is an authentic tea ceremony room, adjacent to the gallery in the School of Art, and the Nakamoto Japanese Studies Room, where the Japanese Club meets.

The minor combines core Japanese language course work with additional elective work related to Japanese culture and literature. The total number of credits to complete the minor is 21. 

Japanese Minor:
21 hours of coursework in  Japanese, with at least 6 hours at the 3000 and/or 4000 level, including one course on literature or film. Required: JAPN 1010 (4 cr.) and JAPN 1020 (4 cr.) and JAPN 2010 (4 cr.) and JAPN 2020 (4 cr.); Electives:  JAPN 3010 (3 cr.), JAPN 3020 (3 cr.), JAPN 3120 (3 cr.), JAPN 3000 (up to 3 cr.), JAPN 4150 (3 cr.), JAPN 4800 (up to 3 cr.), JAPN 4910 (up to 3 cr.)

The Asian Studies Program makes awards to students on a competitive basis (see below).

Semester and summer study and work abroad opportunities are open to all students of Japanese.

Program Features

Qualified students may spend a year in Japan through the student exchange program. It is a great opportunity to learn the language and the culture intensively.

Students have the opportunities to participate in an internship program in Japan for six months at a Japanese company. This allows the students to experience Japanese business practices first-hand.

The department actively supports the Japanese Club, one of the multicultural student organizations on campus.

Students may take the opportunity to use an authentic Japanese tea ceremony room and Nakamoto Room for Japanese Studies at BGSU.


The following scholarships are available to the students who are pursuing the studies in Japanese:

The Christina Merrick Scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Japanese language.

The Dr. Hiroko Nakamoto Scholarship for Japanese studies is given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Japan.

The Mrs. Seiko McCann Scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated leadership to promote American-Japanese friendship and understanding.

The Dr. Kiyo Kitahara Scholarship for Asian Studies is given to an Asian Studies major who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Asia.

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