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Sean David Williams

  • Position: Associate Teaching Professor

Greetings from the Coordinator

The Strategic Communication program helps communication professionals expand their knowledge and prepare for leadership in public relations, advertising, and other communication fields. Many thanks to these alumni of the program for sharing their thoughts! Enjoy, and please let me know if you would like to learn more!  

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Alumni Profiles


Keyon A. Camden

  • What drew you to the StratComm program?

One of the things that drew me towards the program was the success within my profession, that my colleagues were having after graduating. A lot of doors opened for them once they obtained this degree and I hoped the same would happen for me. More importantly, I wanted to understand what made major populations pay attention. We work with mass communication every day in my profession. I knew this degree would only help elevate my career.  

  • What was your most important learning experience in the program? 

I would say my most important learning experience was understanding the major underlying concepts of strategic communications and how they are linked to so many elements of today’s society.  

  • How have you used the skills and knowledge you obtained in StratComm? 

I have used the skills and knowledge I obtained to move into a newly created role that focuses primarily on multicultural recruitment for Bowling Green State University. The skills I learned when composing mailings and conducting research have proven to be far more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.  

  • What advice would you give someone thinking about applying to StratComm? 

There is so much more to the degree than just social media and media. It will make you very marketable in a number of different professions.  

  • What sort of professional would you recommend to apply to StratComm? 

I would recommend any part-time and full-time employees to look into this program. It is very flexible, and Professor Williams puts a lot of passion into each and every one of his students.


Joel Arakaki

  • What drew you to the StratComm program? 

I was drawn to the StratComm program because of the online, asynchronous nature of the program. I was working full-time, so I needed a master’s program that I could do from home.  I also needed the flexibility to be able to do coursework at different times since while my job has regular hours, I also do not know when I may need to work outside of those hours. The program’s online, asynchronous nature was even more critical when the COVID pandemic started, and when I became a new parent. If I had been in a face-to-face, traditional program, I probably would have had to drop out, but thanks to the way the program was structured, I was able to continue my studies without having to worry about COVID exposure and I could still easily work around my work and home life since there were no set times for classes. 

I also was drawn to the focus on communication as it relates to an organization. I work in IT, and communication internally within our department and externally with our constituents is critical to our success. So, I wanted to learn more about how that sort of communication could be improved. 

  • What was your most important learning experience in the program? 

How important it is for the members of an organization to understand their mission, vision, values, and purpose, and how the business operates. It seems like such a simple thing, but there are many organizations that do not quite get it right.   

  • How have you used the skills and knowledge you obtained in StratComm? 

It has helped me be more intentional about the communication efforts I am involved with. It also has helped reinforce existing internal departmental communication processes. And having a better understanding of quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, and graduate-level academic writing and journal articles has helped me both professionally and personally.

  • What advice would you give someone thinking about applying to StratComm? 

Apply! The worst thing that could happen is that you are not accepted. But if you are accepted, the program could be an excellent opportunity for you. 

  • What sort of professional would you recommend to apply to StratComm? 

Anyone working for an organization in a service-providing or service-oriented role. And any manager or leader within an organization. Having better communication skills and a better understanding of communication processes and their impact on an organization benefits just about everyone, but especially leaders. 

Student Profile

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Justina Anna Marie Louise Fuqua-Black

  • What drew you to the StratComm program? 

As I was considering a career shift from Social Work to Communications, I was struggling to find a program that aligned with my personal goals, professional interests, and flexibility in managing a full-time job and busy social life. I had recently relocated to the Bowling Green area and had been working closely with Bowling Green State University due to my full-time job in anti-violence advocacy. I had come across information regarding the Strategic Communications program at BGSU and felt as though this program would accommodate my personal needs and professional development. I found the Strategic Communications program to fully encompass all the necessary skills for success through a holistic professional lens.  

  • What was your most important learning experience in the program? 

The most influential learning experience during my time in the program was my course focused on social media management and strategy skills. This course has been significantly helpful in ensuring that I have an adequate understanding of social media strategies and considerations. The class also gave me access to additional certifications and resources that I have been able to apply in my current position, as well as future professional experiences, while also cultivating a natural skill set and personal passions.  

  • How have you used the skills and knowledge you obtained in StratComm? 

As I wrap up the program, I have still found ways to apply the skills and knowledge I have been learning in my coursework throughout the program. In my current professional role, I have the pleasure of working with social media, communications, and marketing strategies for a local anti-violence advocacy agency and using these skills to elevate our agency's presence and outreach.  

  • What advice would you give someone thinking about applying to StratComm? 

The advice that I would give to someone considering enrolling in the Strategic Communication program is to find and maintain a strong supportive network and system. Although the program is structured to allow flexibility outside of the classroom, ensure that you are taking care of yourself along the way.  

  • What sort of professional would you recommend to apply to StratComm? 

I would recommend the Strategic Communications program to a professional who is seeking opportunities to learn more and expand their skill set with flexibility. The idea of enrolling in a graduate program was overwhelming and not something that I could financially accomplish without working full-time. The Strategic Communication program allows me to learn with flexibility while also still being accountable for my time and efforts. This program is structured to allow for practical and realistic application of the skills necessary for modern communicators and successful professionals. As someone actively going through a career change, it has been a greatly impactful and supportive experience for me.  

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