Department of Media Production & Studies

Americans spend, on average, more than five hours a day watching television and listening to radio, and another five hours with digital, on-line and social media, often using two or even three communication devices at the same time! We also spend more time and energy than ever producing our own sounds, images and stories to inform and entertain people next door and around the world. Not only do we live in an increasingly mediated world, but our media are increasingly converged. We watch television over the internet, on tablets and mobile phones, and we listen to music and podcasts from web and satellite delivery systems. New media platforms are creating global communities, influencing the outcomes of elections and fostering political revolutions. Understanding and being able to take advantage of these trends sets our students apart and prepares them to be leaders in the production of media content and the management of media industries.


Opportunities in Falcon Media

Opportunities in Falcon Media

Our students work behind-the-scenes and in on-air positions at WBGU-FM, Falcon Radio, BG Radio Sports, BG Reel Production, BG on TV and at the University’s PBS affiliate, WBGU-TV. Read More

New Home, New Facilities

State-of-the-art Michael and Sarah Kuhlin Center features cutting-edge technology. READ MORE

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Faculty Focus: Chris Cavera

Chris Cavera began studying music at an early age. He received his B.A. in music theory and composition at Ball State University and his M.A. in composition at BGSU (’00). Chris has taught courses in music theory and aural skills as well as private guitar and percussion lessons. At BGSU he teaches courses related to audio production and he serves as faculty advisor for Falcon Radio. "I feel very fortunate that I have been able to build a career around my passion for music,” he said. “I hope that I can inspire my students to do the same."  READ MORE


Television and Video Production Studio

The TV and Video Production Studio is a professional sound stage where students can create broadcast-quality productions. It is equipped with a green screen for “live reporting” and virtual reality productions. For on-set physical productions such as news or talk shows, manual studio cameras are outfitted with teleprompters. Robotic cameras can perform enhanced camera movements—such as dramatic swooping shots—with the professional-grade jib. The studio is equipped with a programmable electronic theater lighting control board, and with industry-standard grip tools that are used to fine tune the lighting design.



The radio suite for WBGU-FM and Falcon Radio features two high-definition signals for delivery of local community programming (Morning Show) and BGSU sports on 88.1, and the commercial-style, student-driven training station of Falcon Radio. With voiceover booths and high-end production software, the studio is used for podcasting, public service announcements, promotions and pre-produced interviews. An expansion space is ideal for large-panel discussions and small band performances. Also featured are programmable consoles for unique setups for different shows; an interface that allows for live telephone calls; and a remote broadcast interface for live, field broadcasts and sports.