convergence labThe Convergence Lab

Room 101 - Is a spacious, open work area for collaboration among Falcon Media in preparing news, sports and entertainment for multiple platforms including newspaper, television, radio and the internet. The space includes 20+ workstations for students to write and edit stories and video, as well as the main space to discuss and plan coverage of stories for use on various platforms, and five individual meeting areas. Technology in the lab includes an overhead camera for live coverage during the locally produced newscasts and monitors throughout the area to follow news and sports developments throughout the day.

Radio SuiteWBGU FM/Falcon Radio Suite

Room 104 - Features two high-definition signals for crystal-clear audio delivery of local community programming (Morning Show) and BGSU sports on 88.1 WBGU-HD1 and the commercial-style, student training station of Falcon Radio (WBGU-HD2). The suite offers a large production space with two voice-over booths ad high-end production software. The studio is used for podcasting and voiceovers for public service announcements, promotions and pre-produced interviews.

stanton audio recording studioStanton Audio Recording Studio

Room 109 - The audio production studio, named for Robert J. '72 and Mary L.A. Stanton. Three spaces comprise the studio: The Control Room, the Main Tracking Room and the Isolation Booth.

The Control Room, which includes a 15-seat classroom, is able to connect directly to the radio station for broadcast of live studio performances. Within the studio is a camera aimed at the mixing board, which enables students to observe the work being done on the board. 

The Main Tracking Room is a room within a room that is soundproofed by air gaps and elastic materials. The "floating floor" sits on layers of absorptive materials that decouple it from the ground, eliminating the transfer of vibrations from the outside world. The reproduction of everyday sounds is possible in this room; six small pit areas - Foley pits - can be filled with materials to create the sound of different footsteps. 

The Isolation Booth, is ideal for voice-over or solo acoustic instruments. The space offers a "line of sight" between the control room and the tracking room for non-verbal communication between artists.

Learn more about the Stanton Audio Recording Studio

TV studioTelevision Production Studio

Room 110 - Professional sound stage where students can create broadcast-quality productions. It is soundproof with audio inputs that support a variety of production applications. It is equipped with a green screen cyclorama for three-dimensional virtual reality productions, as well as traditional cyclorama and black curtain when a physical set is needed.


Control RoomProduction Control Room

Room 112 - This room mirrors many production control rooms used in national studios. Students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of video production skills. Ceiling-mounted cameras enable instructors to product the control board on the monitors, which allows students a clear view of the controls as they learn the various components.


Audio/Video Editing Lab

Room 203 - The lab features more than 30 computer stations and eight individual isolation booths for post-production editing.

MAC Computer Lab and PC Computer Lab

Rooms 204 and 206 - Designed to serve as labs and classrooms. The computers are around the perimeters, allowing instructors to walk behind the students to observe and interact with them as they work. Students can turn their chairs toward the center of the room to sit at a conference table for group work and seminar instructions.

Administration OfficeSchool of Media & Communication Administrative Offices

Room 306 - Available as a resource for students, faculty, and staff.


falcon forensics trophy caseForensics Suite

Room 408 - The home of the national award-winning Falcon Forensics and Debate team. A see-through glass trophy case displays some of the team's awards as far back as 1920. There is a reception area and a multi-flexible room which serves as a tea room, seminar room, 30-seat performance venue and media recording studio. There also are four practice rooms, the director's office and a communication area for teaching assistants.

Focus Group RoomFocus Group Room

The focus group room is set up with a one-way mirror between the small conference room and the observation room to allow for focus group research. 

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