Current PhD Students


Syeda Zainab Akbar, M.A.

 Syeda Zainab Akbar is pursuing her Ph.D at the School of Media and Communication. She holds a Master's degree in Digital Humanities and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Sociology, and English. Her diverse work experience spans various sectors, including industry, non-profits, and for-profits, with a focus on the intersection of technology and social impact. She has made significant contributions to the field through her published conference papers and journal articles on topics such as misinformation and hate in media, social media influencers, gender, religion, political discourse, and digital health communication. Currently, she is investigating the authenticity of communication on social media platforms and its impact on societal trust. She is passionate about advancing knowledge in digital communication and aims to contribute to meaningful conversations both in academia and beyond.


Halima Ali, M.A.

Halima is a Ph.D. student in the School of Media and Communication, Bowling Green State University. She has a focus in social media (misinformation/disinformation/social media influencers), crisis communication, and gender and communication. Ultimately, her goal is to contribute to the advancement of media studies and inspire positive change in Africa and globally.
With over eight years of experience in corporate communications and media, Halima has honed her skills in her prior role as a senior communications practitioner. Her expertise has led her to work on various campaigns and projects aimed at raising awareness of pressing social issues and empowering marginalized communities.

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Ahmad A Alsubhi


Tunde Simeon Amosun, M.A.

Research interest: I am investigating the role of social media in amplifying or mitigating the effects of polarization on public health communication. I am also examining the potential benefits of utilizing mobile health (mHealth) technology as a means of promoting and enhancing medication adherence in patients who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses.


Hyacinth Balediata Bangero, M.A.

Hyacinth Balediata Bangero (Master in Mass Communication, West Visayas State University, Iloilo City, Philippines) is a Ph.D. in Media and Communication (Media Audiences and Processes) student at Bowling Green State University. She is also a Fulbright Scholar from the Philippines and an Assistant Professor at the University of San Agustin. Her professional background is in television production, marketing communications, alumni relations, and philanthropy. As she pursues her doctorate degree, among her research interests are government and political communication, social media, family communication, and communication education.


Madison Clatt, M.A.

Madison  is a Ph.D student in the Schoola of Media and Communication, Bowling green State University (BGSU). She has a Master of Arts in Communication from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Iowa State University.

Madison’s research interest is in couple and inter-generational communication on specific issues or topics. Madison is also a member of the Global Social Media Influencer (GSMI) lab here at SMC and is conducting a study on family social media influencers.

Before coming to BGSU, Madison worked for a small private college in Kansas, where she was a librarian and lecturer for the Communication Department. Madison found that being in the classroom and creating connections with students was an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience. Also, her librarian position gave her added opportunities to engage with students and
research in new ways. Those experiences and the support of her co-workers influenced Madison to apply to doctoral programs. At BGSU, Madison leverages her experience working in higher education to guide her work in teaching, researching, and in her capacity as an executive board member of GCA (Graduate Communication Association). When all is said and done, Madison would love to return to teaching at the college level, as serving others is when she feels the most fulfilled.


Azade Asadi Damavandi, M.A.

Azade has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Islamic Azad University and a master’s in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tehran. She is currently a PhD student in Media and Communication at BGSU. Her research interest is New Media, Marketing Communication, and Technological Communication.
She worked in accelerator and startup as a mentor and cofounder.


Anna Jean DeGalan, M.A.

Anna J. DeGalan is a Doctoral Candidate at Bowling Green State University's School of Media and Communication, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. She is a critical feminist scholar who examines the representation of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity in media, and the intersections of popular culture, music, media, and communication studies. In 2023, Anna received the National Communication Association's Graduate Student Mentorship Award and was a finalist for the Central States Communication Assiciation's Cooper Award for graduate teaching excellence.


Saadia Farooq, M.A.

Saadia is a Doctoral student in the Schoolof Media and Communication, Bowing Green state University. She finds immense joy in connecting with people and hearing about their journeys. To delve deeper into this passion, she is currently looking into the study of interpersonal and critical family communication through poetic inquiry. This academic pursuit has not only added a new dimension to her exploratory spirit but has also opened up new avenues of thought and reflection. She is excited about the prospects of enhancing her understanding of human interactions and contributing positively to the domain of Critical interpersonal and family communication.

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Jason Hibbs

Jason Hibbs has five years of award-winning TV news reporting experience, spent nearly two years managing a competitive commercial newsroom, and has been working full time in higher education since 2018.

He is currently pursuing a PhD in BGSU’s School of Media and Communication, with research interests surrounding the evolution of local news reporting, and its impact on society.

He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Broadcast Education Association, and is a freelance reporter, producer, and host for Toledo’s PBS affiliate, WGTE Public Media.


Jisha Jacob, M.A.

Jisha Jacob is a Ph.D. student in the School of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University. She has an M.A. from the University of Delhi. Her research focus revolves around Gender and Media, with a particular emphasis on analysing social media influencers.


Faiswal Kasirye, M.A.

Faiswal Kasirye is a PhD student in the School of Media and Communication, Bowling green State university (BGSU). He got his master’s degree at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), in Human Science in Communication specializing in new media and organizational communication. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU). His research interests are in Media effects, Political Communication, Public Relations, and New Media (SNS). He used to be a journalist with the Nation Media Group, the leading media conglomerate in East Africa.

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Man Luo, M.A.

Man Luo is currently a second-year doctoral student in the School of Media and Communication at BGSU. She is interested in social media analysis, excels at gathering engaging content from all social media platforms, comprehending the current trends on social media platforms, developing marketing strategies to meet customer needs, and completing marketing activities.


Amir Nawaz Khan


Vamsi Chaitanya Pedasanaganti, M.A.

Vamsi Pedasanaganti is an early Communication scholar working in political communication. His background in journalism at both legacy media institutions like the BBC and alternative journalism spaces like The Wire has shaped his research choices. As an interpretivist working in critical, and postcolonial communication spaces, his work intently feeds into the liberatory frameworks originating in different geographies of the world. His dissertation work aims to be a rally call for rethinking the colonial ideas of Environmentalism and to help embrace a more inclusive outlook of conservation approaches originating in the non-West — specifically from India for this project.

Vamsi is also a seasoned instructor bringing in a global pedagogy to the American classroom. As an Instructor on Record, he taught courses in Digital Journalism, Video Journalism, and Global Communication. Media literacy is an important aspect of his teaching philosophy which is complemented by the principles of an open and engaged classroom.

Vamsi is a passionate photographer who is deeply invigorated by the varied perspectives that a camera allows him to witness and capture. His interests range across the spectrum — wildlife, architecture, street, landscape, portrait, and Astro photography. His creative work can be accessed at his personal website.


Debipreeta Rahut (she/her), M.A.


Ali Raza, M.A.

Ali Raza is a dedicated Ph.D. student at Bowling Green State University, where he is passionately exploring the realms of academia. His journey in academia began with his MPhil. from the esteemed School of Media and Communication Studies at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Ali's talent shines on the sports field, particularly in cricket. He is very active member of BGSU Cricket Club. With remarkable skill and dedication, he has proven himself to be a formidable player, earning admiration from peers and opponents alike.

Ali's academic interests are diverse and reflect his deep curiosity about the intersection of media and society. His research focuses primarily on Social Media effects, exploring the intricate dynamics of online interactions and their impact on individuals and communities. Additionally, he investigates the fascinating realm of Media psychology, seeking to unravel the complex ways in which media shapes human behavior and perception. In an era where misinformation proliferates, his dedication extends to studying methods to combat this phenomenon, exploring strategies to promote media literacy and counteract the spread of false information.

With his academic prowess, sporting talent, and commitment to understanding and addressing societal challenges, Ali is poised to make significant contributions to both academia and society at large.


Jeevani Sammeta, M.A.

Jeevani’s research employs critical postcolonial lens to film and rhetoric studies. By examining and analyzing the evolution of Indian cinema and its current forms, she intends to draw attention to the multiple vernacular film cultures that have been flourishing in the country. Her work aims to understand the various ways in which cinema rhetorically articulates and imagines identity, while critiquing the effect of hegemonic structures such as neoliberalism, patriarchy, and nationalism that perform marginalization.
Jeevani is an experienced instructional designer and teacher who believes in the power of engaged inclusive pedagogy. She has previously taught Introduction to Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, Leadership in Communication, and Visual Editing.


Shudipta Sharma, M.A.

Shudipta's current research spans the perceptions, uses, and effects of generative AI. His doctoral research specifically probes into ChatGPT's efficacy within political microtargeting, aiming to unveil its persuasive capacities. His past research explored the intersection between new communication technologies, activism, politics, and journalism. Shudipta is currently on leave from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, where he holds an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Communication and Journalism. Prior to entering academia, he worked as a journalist.  


Nuzaira Tarannum


Marianne Vanderbeke


Fredrick Wilson, M.A.

Fredrick Wilson has a diverse educational background and extensive experience in communication, humanitarian studies, and development work. With Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mass Communication, Humanitarian and Refugee Studies, and Mass Communication. He has a comprehensive understanding of media, humanitarian issues, and communication strategies. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to various development and humanitarian organizations, leveraging his expertise to tackle pressing social challenges and effect positive change. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Fredrick's research interests focus on development communication and rhetoric, demonstrating his commitment to exploring how communication strategies can drive social transformation and advocate for marginalized communities. Through his academic pursuits and practical experience, Fredrick Wilson exemplifies a dedication to advancing knowledge and making impactful contributions to the fields of communication and development.


Macaulay Williams, M.A.

Mac is a doctoral candidate in the school of media and communication and the Assistant Basic Course Director for the basic course program. He earned his B.A. and M.A from the University of Findlay in 2018 and 2021. His research focuses on the relationships between the world of sport, politics, and race. His dissertation examines strategic Whiteness and how partisan media coverage of sport figures who run for political office reinforces problematic and systemic issues of race. He also focuses on developing, implementing, and sharing inclusive pedagogical strategies for teaching speech courses.


Kelsey Lynn Zook, M.A.

Kelsey Zook is a dedicated graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University. With a robust academic background, Kelsey earned her Master's degree in Communication from Western Michigan University, where she specialized in enhancing virtual organizational communication efficiency through a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications with a minor in Management, laying a solid foundation for her scholarly pursuits.

During her academic journey, Kelsey has demonstrated exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, serving as the Personal Relationship Representative for the Graduate College Organization at Western Michigan University. Driven by a passion for continuous learning and community engagement, she has actively participated in various initiatives aimed at fostering personal and professional growth.

Kelsey's research interests extend beyond her primary focus in media and communication, encompassing social media dynamics, social media influencers, self-identity, and LGBTQIA+ representation in media. Recognizing the profound impact of these areas on contemporary society, she is committed to advancing understanding and contributing to scholarly discourse in these critical domains.

With a keen interest in exploring the intricate intersections of online mass communication, AI communication, and her additional research interests, Kelsey is poised to embark on new research endeavors that contribute meaningfully to the field. As she navigates this exciting phase of her academic and professional journey, Kelsey is eager to expand her network and explore potential career opportunities that align with her expertise and aspirations.

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