Erin Labbie

erin labbie 


420 East Hall

Degrees and Institutions

Ph.D. Specialization in Medieval Studies and Cultural Studies and Comparative Discourse, University of Minnesota
M.A. English Literature and Comparative Literature, Bucknell University
B.A. Literature and Political Science, Miami University 

Area: Literature; School of Cultural and Critical Studies Affiliate

Research Interests: Medieval Studies, Psychoanalysis, Visual Culture Studies, Chaucer, Anglo-Norman studies, Old French, Provençal, Anglo-Saxon studies, The Frankfurt School, Feminism(s), Queer Theory, Meta-criticism, Intellectual History.

Courses Taught

ENG 2640: British Literature Survey
ENG 3020: Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism 
ENG 4020: English Medieval Literature
ENG 4560: Topics in Critical Theory
ENG 6070: Introduction to Literary and Critical Theory

Special Topics

ENG 5800: Medieval Dream Vision Poetics and Dream Interpretation
ENG 6800: Medievalism and Detective Noir                                                    
ENG 7070: Topics in Theory, The Concept of Evil                                          
ENG 7070: Topics in Theory, Seminar on Slavoj Žižek
ENG 7070: Topics in Theory, The History of the Gaze   
ENG 7070: Topics in Theory, Post-humanism
ENG 7820: Rhetoric Seminar: Pre-modern Rhetorical Theory

Select Publications/Works in Progress

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