Five Students Will Have Work Featured in International ResearchScape Journal

Five undergraduate English majors, Olive Bartholomew, Lauren Degener, Karmann Ludwig, Lena Nighswander, and Sarah Webb will have their work featured in volume seven of the International ResearchScape Journal (May 2020/June 2020).  

  • Olive Bartholomew, "Investigation of the 'Cultural Appropriation' of Yoga"
  • Lauren Degener, "“A Failure of Laïcité: Analyzing the Ongoing Discrimination of French-Muslims in the 21st Century"
  • Karmann Ludwig, "'I am Fascinated by What is Beautiful, Strong, Healthy': Leni Riefenstahl, Gender, and Absolved Guilt”
  • Lena Nighswander, "No Nazis in Valhalla: Understanding the Use (and Misuse) of Nordic Cultural Markers in Third Reich Era Germany”
  • Sarah Webb, "The Torture of Colonization and the Holocaust: Multidirectional Memory in The Nature of Blood"

Please join the department in congratulating these scholars!

Updated: 05/01/2020 09:07AM