The Wendell Mayo Collection Announced by Jerome Library

mayo pic2September 20, 2017, Jerome Library announced that nearly 180 works and related papers of story writer Wendell Mayo have been cataloged with the Center for Archival Collections. The collection contains about 150 publications in which Mayo’s short stories have appeared, along with reviews, articles, a writer’s journal, and other items. The collection is generally organized in three subject areas: stories of US Latinas/os, stories of Post-Soviet Lithuania and Eastern Europe, and stories of US contemporary and popular culture. Mayo annotated each publication in which his work has appeared to serve as a resource for writers in BGSU’s MFA and BFA programs, and beyond. At the September 20 announcement, Mayo reflected on his development as a story writer in his presentation, “The Journey Out: The Storyteller as Witness.”  He stressed the need for storytellers to take on subjects outside the confines of the personal.

Mayo also worked with the library to create the online Center for the Short Story in ScholarWorks. The Center features important and award-winning short story collections by graduates and faculty of our nearly fifty-year old BFA and MFA programs, as well as links to WorldCat where available. It will eventually contain biographies and selected interviews with BGSU’s short story authors. The library’s designed it to be expandable to novels and poetry collections.  

Updated: 11/09/2018 01:08PM