English Department Members Speak at CEAO


Numerous members of the English Department presented at the College English Association of Ohio (CEAO) conference on Saturday, April 6, 2019. The conference was hosted at The University of Findlay.

In addition to having multiple presentations at the conference, recently retired English Department faculty member Lowe McManus was also presented with the John Hollow award during the conference luncheon. According to the CEAO website, "The John Hollow Award is given to a member of CEAO who has made outstanding, long-term contributions to the organization."

BGSU presenters included:

  • Sherrel McLafferty, “Creating Equal Participation in the Classroom”
  • Kristin LaFollette and Jonathan Brownlee, “(Inverse) Erasure, (Reverse) Ekphrasis: Art and Creative Writing as Tools for Workshops, Collaboration, and Participation”
  • Lena Ziegler, “Bruises Not Quite Healed: Teaching Creative Writing Students to Respect the Limits of their Hearts and Voices"
  • Christina Stump, “Teaching Digital Reading Comprehension”
  • Madelaine Pope, “The Role of Graduate Student Teaching Mentors in Helping First Year TAs Make a Pre-Assigned Composition Curriculum Work for Them”
  • Emma Guthrie, Morgan McDougall, and Jessica Puder, “Utilizing the Habits of Mind to Encourage Student Voice in FYC”
  • Cheryl Hoy and Jessica Zinz-Cheresnick, “Cultivating Student Voice:  Visual Based Assignments in First Year Writing”
  • Neeru Nagarajan, “There are No Stupid Questions in this Classroom:  Helping Your Students Shut Down Their ‘Inner Editor’”
  • Brandie Bohney and Brian Urias, “Not Exactly Location, Location, Location: Language Diversity and Inclusion in Classrooms and Other Settings”  

Updated: 04/10/2019 11:57AM