English Department Members Publish Book to Support Puerto Rican Hurricane and Earthquake Relief

The front cover of Boricua en la Luna features an illustration of the moon

Boricua en la Luna, released in December of 2019, was collected, edited, and published by members of the English Department to raise funds for hurricane and earthquake relief in Puerto Rico. Alumni and adjunct faculty member Elena Aponte edited the collection, and faculty member Abigail Cloud edited and set the text. Danielle Jacoby and Elise Triplett, students in the department, assisted with copyediting.

The book, which can be purchased from Blurb, features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art contributed by Puerto Rican creators. Themes include history, family, and the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico. Proceeds from sales of the book, which is available for purchase, go towards hurricane and earthquake relief efforts.

Of the collection, Aponte said, “Readers should know that the project is meant to be a celebration of Puerto Rican culture that is accessible to everyone of various readership. You do not have to be Puerto Rican or even Latino to enjoy it—it is an expression of love and an expression of grief that is entirely universal, and hopefully it will teach people about Puerto Rico in the words of its own people.”

Three people holding copies of the book

To date, sales of the book have raised $738.50. Aponte said that organizations supported so far have included Taller Salud, a feminist organization in Loiza, Puerto Rico committed to reducing violence and encouraging education and community action, as well as The Sato Project, an animal rights and shelter organization. Other organizations will receive support in the future.

There was a reading at Mil Mundos Bookstore in New York City on February 7, and the creators of the book are planning more readings in the future. Additionally, they will present a panel at the Latino Issues Conference at BGSU later this year. Aponte will be featured on the podcast “the bastard title” to talk about the project. She also noted that more information can be found on social media, including their Twitter account, @BoricuaEn.

The back cover of the book features another illustration of the moon, plus contributor names

Updated: 02/19/2020 02:07PM