Dr. Sue Carter Wood Receives President's Award

Sue Carter WoodAt the BGSU Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 13, Dr. Sue Carter Wood, Rhetoric/Writing faculty member and Director of the Rhetoric and Writing Doctoral program was honored as the recipient of the President’s Award for Collaborative Research and Creative Work. The award praises research and creative work conducted by a faculty member in collaboration with graduate students, and is described as “[recognizing] innovative research and creative work conducted by faculty members in collaboration with graduate students related to improving the quality of graduate education and/or research capacity of the University.”

The BGSU President’s Award recognizes the collaborative research project begun in Dr. Wood’s Spring 2016 seminar class entitled “US Composition History in the Nineteenth Century.” The class performed archival research and created a digital exhibit, “Literacy Artifacts: Preserving Tools, Methods, and Teachers’ Technologies of the Long Nineteenth Century.” The exhibit is published in the Student Digital Gallery of the Jerome Library at: https://digitalgallery.bgsu.edu/student/exhibits/show/literacy. In addition, the project has also been presented at the national level, including at: the College English Association of Ohio (CEA), the Thomas R. Watson Conference, and Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). Congratulations to Dr. Wood for receiving this wonderful award, as well as the 14 participants who collaborated on the digital archival project.



Updated: 11/09/2018 01:07PM