Dr. Khani Begum Receives Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Khani Begum receives Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Khani Begum, associate professor in the Department of English, received a Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. The award is given to a faculty member each year to recognize outstanding service and to highlight the importance of dedicated faculty to the well-being of the University.

Dr. Begum was featured in the University news for her accomplishments:

In her nomination, Dr. Kristen Rudisill, associate professor and chair of the Department of Popular Culture, wrote: “I have long recognized Dr. Begum’s significant contributions to the learning environment, particularly raising awareness about and fostering diversity both inside her classrooms and for the greater BGSU and Bowling Green communities.

“She has been teaching courses that address diversity issues for a long time, but combining those seminars with student-organized conferences and community engagement components has empowered students to get out into the community and make a real difference."

Begum spent six years advising the India Student Association, five years advising the Asian Communities United student organization and has more recently advised the Muslim Student Association. She also participates in a number of interdisciplinary programs, including the Asian Studies Advisory Committee, which she has served on with Rudisill for 12 years.

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Updated: 04/25/2019 10:49AM