Due to COVID-19, BGSU is temporarily waiving the GRE and GMAT requirements for students applying to any of the University’s graduate certificates and master’s degree programs for summer 2020 and fall 2020.

Graduate application fees for new domestic applicants for the summer and fall semesters will also be waived.

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Certificate in Public History

BGSU’s Graduate Certificate Program in Public History offers advanced graduate training for professionals in the public history profession.  The program is practical and career-focused in its design, featuring courses in historical museum management, museology, local history, archival administration, and preservation studies taught by academic specialists in these topics and by expert practitioners in the field of public history/historical museum management.  The program of study is capped by an internship experience to give students actual hands-on experience in the field.

See the Fact Sheet for the Graduate Certificate in Public History for additional program features.


Students who wish to be admitted to the graduate certificate program in Public History must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in an appropriate graduate program at BGSU (History, ACS, or other related field), with a current graduate GPA of 3.0 or better.

Or, for the stand-alone certificate:

  • Hold a bachelor degree in an appropriate field of study (History, American Studies, or other related field) with a 3.0 minimum grade point average, or
  • Have already completed a graduate degree in an appropriate area of study.


Students currently enrolled in a BGSU graduate program who wish to add the Graduate Certificate in Public History to their degree program should contact the History Department Graduate Coordinator.

Students interested in the stand-alone certificate must submit the BGSU Graduate College Online Application for admission.  

In addition to the application required by the Graduate College, applicants to the certificate program must submit the following materials with the online application:

  1. One letter of recommendation from recent instructors, employers, or other individuals qualified to evaluate probably success in the program
  2. A personal statement of intent indicating the purpose for enrolling in the program and outlining career goals (2-3 pages).  Careful attention is given to these materials.


The graduate certificate in Public History must be completed within six years from the semester date that the first course is taken.  The certificate is awarded upon the completion of all degree requirements, including the internship.  The graduate certificate in Public History will appear on the student’s official transcript.


The certificate program consists of 14 to 15 academic credit hours of work.  These must include 12 hours of course work (described below) plus two to three hours of approved internship credit as a capstone experience as the completion of the graduate certificate program.  The program of course work includes one required course, which is typically offered during the Spring semester of each academic year:


 The program of study also includes a requirement that students successfully complete any three of the following courses:

  • HIST 6540   MUSEOLOGY (3 HRS)
  • HIST/ACS 6760   SEMINAR (For appropriate topics)  (3 HRS)

Other relevant courses may be substituted with the written approval of the certificate program faculty committee.

Finally, the program includes a requirement that students successfully complete a capstone internship, to be arranged with the graduate directors of the History/ACS programs at an approved historical museum, historical society, or other professionally appropriate worksite.

  • ACS 6890/7890 or HIST 6880   INTERNSHIP  (2-3 HRS)           

The internship will normally be taken during the second year of study in the graduate certificate program, following the completion of all course work for the certificate, but may be taken somewhat earlier in the certificate program as circumstances dictate and with the approval of the graduate director of the ACS or History program.  BGSU requires that for each hour of academic internship credit, students must complete 45 hours of supervised on-site work. 


For more information about the BGSU Graduate Certificate Program in Public History, please contact:

Benjamin Greene, Graduate Coordinator
Department of History
Bowling Green State University