Program Review

Bowling Green State University is committed to the comprehensive review of all academic programs or program clusters as an essential part of improving educational programs for effective student learning, continuous improvement, and ongoing strategic planning.

The purpose of institutional program review is to evaluate all academic programs comprehensively once every six years. The basis of a program review is a self-study accompanied by data-based evidence performed by an individual unit as part of their ongoing assessment activities. The Program Review Guidebook (see below) delineates procedures, processes and responsibilities for the review of academic programs. The primary purpose of these reviews is to ensure that programs are dedicated to and engaged in a continuous improvement process and that they are directed to and connected with the relevant resources as they strive to improve against institutional strategic goals.

Program Review Process and Steps at BGSU

This video, brought to you by the BGSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness, describes the program review process and steps at Bowling Green State University.

Program Review Process: Feedback and Takeaways from Department Chairs/ Program Review Coordinators

This video, brought to you by the BGSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness, captures feedback and takeaways from Department Chairs/ Program Review Coordinators who have recently undergone the program review process at BGSU.

Program Review and Data Analysis and Interpretation: Tips and Protocols

This video, brought to you by the BGSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness, describes how data can be analyzed and interpretated to meet the needs of a program review at BGSU. Tips and protocols for data analysis and interpretation are discussed. 

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement and Program Review

This video, brought to you by the BGSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness, describes the nuts and bolts of Continuous Improvement and addresses the role Program Reviews play in establishing a culture of systemic improvement.

Program Review Advisory Committee (PRAC)

The BGSU Program Review Advisory Committee (PRAC) supports the efforts of BGSU to coordinate a university-wide internal system of review of instructional programs of study that are not governed by specialized accreditation agencies.

The Program Review Advisory Committee (PRAC) aids the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) in fostering a culture of program and department review by developing, refining and supporting its processes, resources and activities.

PRAC members have the responsibility to advise, assist, support and advocate for activities designed to strengthen and modernize program review at BGSU.

More specifically, PRAC members assist with the following tasks:

1. Improve the efficiency and efficacy of the program review process by identifying challenges, redundancies, and omissions and providing recommendations for refining the process.
2. Identify, develop, and/or refine professional development, support, and supplemental materials that could improve outcomes associated with program review.
3. Improve the application of program review findings in colleges' campus-level programmatic planning and decision-making processes that are aligned with the university’s strategic plan, Forward.
4. Continually review the Program Review guidelines and revise as needed per changing requirements set forth by the institution, the State or accrediting bodies.
5. Provide a second read of program review documents prior to external reviewer visits and provide feedback to program as needed.
6. Provide guidance/assistance with the development of MOUs and other program review materials.
7. Identify and invite faculty members (*) with recent experience with program review at BGSU to serve as PRAC volunteers who assist in training other faculty or facilitate program level evaluation and alignment under the supervision and guidance of the Program Review Advisory Committee.

(*) At least one per College with programs impacted by Program Review.
2021-2022 PRAC Membership:

Members: Phil Dickinson (Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences), Jessica M. Turos (Associate Director, Office of Academic Assessment), Brigette Gibson (Associate Director, Institutional Effectiveness), PJ Mays (Assistant Dean, Institutional Effectiveness/Firelands), Brian Campbell (Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Development), Oyebanjo Lajubutu (Director, Institutional Research), Dawn L. Anderson (Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services), Janet Lea Hartley (Associate Dean, Schmidthorst College of Business), Glenn Davis (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs), Alexander M. Goberman (Interim Dean, Graduate College).

Faculty Representatives: (Pending Update)

Committee Chair: Program Review Coordinator
Committee Co-Chair: John Mark K. Lommel (Director, Institutional Effectiveness)

Fall 2021 Inaugural Meeting - Agenda (PDF)

March 2022 Meeting - Agenda (PDF)

April 2023 Meeting - Agenda (PDF)

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