Ecology and Conservation Biology

The Program in Ecology and Conservation Biology at BGSU is a multidisciplinary program conceptually based on the fields of Ecology and Evolution, and its applied aspects in Conservation Biology.

The BGSU Program in Ecology and Conservation Biology focuses on the evolutionary and ecological principles underlying patterns and processes influencing biodiversity at multiple scales. A solid understanding of the complex relationships between organisms and their environments in natural systems is essential for mitigating the pressing problems that challenge biodiversity.


Our mission is to provide undergraduate and graduate education as well as research training in ecology and conservation biology, providing a foundation in experimental, quantitative and analytical methods necessary to understand the mechanisms underlying the maintenance of biodiversity.

The multidisciplinary nature of this program promotes innovative approaches that integrate basic and applied research in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. This program's mission addresses the unprecedented changes from human-induced impacts on the environment at both the regional and national levels.

Our research program in Ecology and Conservation Biology at BGSU extends from molecules and populations to ecosystems and landscapes. Conceptually based on the basic foundations of Ecology and Evolution, our research and teaching program utilizes a wide range of cutting-edge techniques (e.g., molecular genetics, theoretical modeling, GIS, remote sensing, etc.) to address both basic and applied questions in Ecology and Conservation Biology.

To learn more about what types of research our faculty and students (undergraduates and graduates) conduct, follow this link. We have weekly Ecobreak seminars where faculty and students present their research in a friendly, informal way and everyone is invited to participate.


Ecology and Conservation Biology is a Biological Sciences major, and provides a curriculum option for students interested in pursuing an ecological career. Students in this program will develop a solid foundation in:

  • basic biology
  • genetics
  • ecology
  • evolution
  • conservation biology

ECB students will develop specialized quantitative, analytical, and technical skills essential for professional positions or advanced study.

Focused coursework on biodiversity, organismal biology, GIS, and statistics.

Opportunities for independent research, experiential or service learning and internships are integrated into the program. Find more information on our ECB research areas here.

For information on the Biology major requirements and the Ecology & Conservation Biology Specialization, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

ECB Specialization Checksheet

Suggested Sequence of Classes

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