Weekly Seminars

FALL 2018

Fall 2018 Seminar Dates
8/29/2018 Karen Root, Bowling Green State University "Conserving Wildlife in a Human-Dominated Landscape"  Host: Miner
9/5/2018 Emily Gattozzi, Bowling Green State University "Selecting Journals with Credible Practices"  Host: Heckman
9/12/2018 Joshua Benoit, University of Cincinnati "Dehydration and starvation dynamics drive shifts in the physiology and behavior of ticks and mosquitoes"  Host: McCluney
9/19/2018 Sylvia Earle, National Geographic "The World is Blue"  Host:  Davis &McKay
9/26/2018 Taras Oleksyk, Oakland University "Parrots of the Caribbean: Genomics, Conservation and Island Biogeography"  Host: Miner
10/3/2018 Dan Pavuk, Bowling Green State University "Arboviruses in the Americas: The Challenges of Zika and West Nile Viruses for Public Health Entomology"  Host: Bidart
10/10/2018 Chris Weisener, University of Windsor "Investigating microbial metabolic expression in sediments within large lake systems: Challenges, insights and mysteries of the *Black Box*"  Host: McKay
10/17/2018 Richard Komuniecki, University of Toledo "Cannabis, depression, and anthelmintic development"  Host: Bullerjahn
10/24/2018 Suzanne Gray, Ohio State University "A fish eye view of changing water quality"  Host: Moore Lab
10/31/2018 Richard T. Premont, Harrington Discovery Institute, University Hospitals "Distinct roles for GIT1 and GIT2 in learning and memory"  Host: Heckman
11/7/2018 Sarah Preheim, Johns Hopkins "Elucidating Microbial Interactions that Impact Water Quality"  Host: Wildschutte
11/14/2018 Jason Moser, Michigan State University "The Varieties of Emotion Regulation Strategy: A Clinical Neuroscience Perspective"  Host: Bidart
11/21/2018 University Holiday  
11/28/2018 Gregory Dick, University of Michigan "Longer days for more oxygen?  What cyanobacterial mats tell us about the oxygenation of Earth’s atmosphere"  Host: Davis
12/5/2018 Aaron Fisk, University of Windsor "Real-time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON): Expanding the Canadian platform for studying the Great Lakes"  Host: McKay
Dates are subject to change based on the academic calendar!