Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at BGSU is a multidisciplinary program conceptually based on the fields of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Our research faculty primarily work in three areas: environmental microbiology, plant biology, and cancer biology.

Biochemistry, molecular biology and their related fields have become important in many fields of biological research, education and industry. Many fundamental questions in physiology, ecology, evolution, medicine, pharmacology, microbiology, cell biology and many other fields have been addressed using tools developed in biochemistry and molecular biology. With the speed of development of new techniques-- even more questions can be begun to be answered as well as solve many problems.


Biochemistry & molecular biology requires an advanced understanding of biology, chemistry (including organic chemistry), physics and mathematics.

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Drs. George Bullerjahn and Mike McKay, biology, are leading a team studying harmful algal blooms in Sandusky Bay. A special buoy with sensors attached was deployed in the bay July 1, 2015 to gather data, which will be uploaded by satellite link and sent directly to the team’s cell phones for real-time information.

The Department of Biological Sciences at BGSU has a number of research facilities available to faculty and graduate students working in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In addition to the equipment in each of the individual research and teaching laboratories, a set of shared equipment is available.

In addition to the departmental facilities, we have active collaborations with other departments and institutions, with access to both their research and teaching facilities.

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