Research Areas

The Program in Ecology and Conservation Biology consists of research faculty working at multiple levels of the biological hierarchy, from molecules and populations to communities and landscapes. The multidisciplinary nature of our program facilitates the bridge of different research areas, some of which were previously considered independent. The use of molecular as well as analytical techniques for addressing questions in Ecology and Evolution has promoted not only collaborative projects among faculty from the PEEC but also between PEEC and the other two major programs in the Department of Biological Sciences (Molecular & Cell Biology, and Neuroscience & Behavior), and other departments such as Geology, Psychology, and Philosophy.

Located in Northwest Ohio and the Great Lake Region, BGSU represent an ideal research and academic institution for students interested in the study of natural systems affected by human activities. At the center of two unique natural ecosystems (the Oak Openings savanna and the Great Lakes) BGSU provides numerous opportunities for field studies of populations, communities and ecosystems in rapidly changing environments.

The Program in Ecology and Conservation Biology offers a wide range of opportunities for students’ professional development. A wide range of specialized courses on analytical approaches and modern techniques used in Ecology and Conservation Biology, and active research programs in both basic and applied fields, provide students with a rewarding learning environment. Through direct research experiences in a variety of research fields, our students become competitive for job opportunities in academia, federal and state institutions, as well as private enterprises.

The following represent some of the current areas of research strength developed through the Program in Ecology and Conservation Biology in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Updated: 06/23/2020 01:11PM