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Gender Violence Prevention and Education Services (GVPES) offers a number of workshop-style presentations covering issues related to healthy relationships and dating, power- and gender-based violence, and constructing masculinities. These 50-minute workshops are perfect for classroom settings, student organization meetings, faculty/staff trainings, and more! For more information on content covered, please email

Workshops offered:

The Green Dot Strategy (90-minute Overview Talk or 3-hour Bystander Training), offered in partnership with The Cocoon, aims to shift campus culture and increase proactive preventative behavior by targeting influential members from across a community with basic education, skill practice, and reactive interventions to high-risk situations. Every choice to be proactive as a bystander is categorized as a “new behavior” and thus a “Green Dot.” Individual decisions (green dots) group together to create larger change. Participants knowledge will be measured by a pre and posttest.

Healthy Masculinities (50-minute workshop) is a beginner workshop that will assist students in recognizing how understanding their own identities is meaningful. This workshop will encourage students to do a deep dive into themselves and the way they choose to represent themselves as masculine. Participants will have their knowledge measured by taking a pre and posttest.

Healthy Relationships (50-minute workshop) will provide students with information on red and green flags within a relationship and provide students with activities that will assist them in evaluating their own relationships. Participants will be provided with tools and information that will encourage them to better understand their relationships. Participants will have their understanding of healthy relationships measured by taking a pre and posttest.

Updated: 05/09/2023 02:04PM