Green Dot

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A coalition of departments, offices, and community members at BGSU have partnered with the national initiative The Green Dot Strategy to address sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking through bystander education and intervention. The Green Dot strategy aims to shift campus culture and increase proactive preventative behavior by targeting influential members from across a community with basic education, skill practice, and reactive interventions to high-risk situations. Every choice to be proactive as a bystander is categorized as a “new behavior” and thus a “Green Dot.” Individual decisions (green dots) group together to create larger change.

For more information, contact To schedule a workshop for your department, program, or office, fill out the workshop request form and select 'Green Dot Training'

Green Dot Trainers

BGSU BG Campus

  • Toni Gordon (Trainer)
  • Kori Koschalk-Newmister (Trainer)
  • Carissa Newsome (Trainer)
  • Kacee Ferrell Snyder (Trainer)
  • Loni Stouffer (Trainer)
  • Ashley Hartman (Trainer)
  • Faith DeNardo (Trainer)
  • Kiley Alexander-Coster (Trainer)
  • Lauren Albert (Trainer)

BGSU Firelands

  • Seth Campbell (Trainer)

Community Partners

  • Justina Fuqua-Black (Trainer) 
  • Elizabeth Johnson-Walsh (Trainer)

BGSU has trained...

475 BGSU Main Campus Faculty & Staff

31 BGSU Firelands Campus Faculty & Staff

1,316 BGSU Undergraduate & Graduate Students

...on creating a campus where interpersonal violence will not be
tolerated and a community where everyone is expected to do
their part to intervene in high-risk situations!

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