Gender Violence Prevention and Education Services (GVPES) envisions a community at BGSU and in Ohio, the nation, and the world free of power-based violence.

GVPES is dedicated to preventing and addressing power-based personal violence on campus by working with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to foster a culture that prioritizes consent, respect, and actively responds to survivors by supporting them and their allies.

About Power-Based Personal Violence

Power-based personal violence includes stalking, dating and domestic violence, and sexual assault. This affects many lives, both directly and indirectly, regardless of one's gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, religion, citizenship status, marital status, ability, education level or affiliation.

3 D's of Intervention
Success bystander intervention happens when your personal barriers and safety are considered! In order to assist someone who may be in harm’s way there are a few approaches that can be taken: Direct, Delegate, and Distract.
•    Direct: to approach a situation and to be straight forward when expressing concern or engaging in a confrontation.
•    Delegate: to ask someone else for assistance in confronting alarming behavior.
•    Distract: divert the attention of the individuals involved by causing a distraction.

Partnerships, Services, Programs, and Events at BGSU include:

  • Confidential Advocate through Partnership with The Cocoon
  • Immediate Support/Crisis Intervention
  • Safety Planning
  • Medical and Legal Advocacy
  • University Reporting Procedures Advocacy
  • Tutoring and Assistance with Academic Accommodations
  • Partnerships with Title IX
  • Assistance with Housing Accommodations
  • Counseling Resources and Survivor Support Group
  • Educational Programs for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Green Dot
  • Survivor Emergency Fund
  • Conferences, Lectures, & Events

Updated: 07/27/2023 10:22AM