Program Overview

The BGSU McNair Scholars Program is designed as a two-year experience; therefore sophomore students (rising juniors) in good academic standing and who wish to engage in undergraduate research are strongly encouraged to apply. Junior students (rising seniors) will be considered and are also encouraged to apply, but must not be graduating for at least one more academic year. Additionally, students with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) focus are strongly encouraged to consider the McNair Scholars Program.

McNair Scholars may expect to participate in these activities during their two-year journey:

  • Research Course. First-year McNair Scholars take an upper-level research skills course, which includes research design, methodology, ethical issues, and report writing. Participating helps Scholars learn the processes for acquiring fellowships and other appropriate funding.
  • Summer Research Institute. Scholars participate in an eight-week research experience under supervision of their Faculty Mentors and perform independent research. Participating allows Scholars to take two short non-credit courses on using the Internet as a research tool and on scholarly and technical writing.
  • Annual McNair Scholars Research Conferences.
    • Scholars are required to present their research at local, regional, or national conferences. Participating gives Scholars experience with networking and professional interaction, exposure to a graduate school fair, sessions with nationally recognized speakers, concurrent workshops and research presentations.
  • Future Cohort Selection. McNair Scholars participate with Faculty Mentors, Advisory Committee members, and Program staff on the interview teams to select new Scholars. Participating gives Scholars experience with scholarly selection committee procedures.
  • Library Research Methods. Scholars partake in an eight-hour seminar on library research methods and techniques designed for McNair Scholars taught by a research librarian.


Updated: 12/19/2018 02:55PM