The Thompson Scholar Experience

“Thompson Family Scholars honor and celebrate Bob and Ellen Thompson on May 10, 2018 during the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle Dedication Ceremony recognizing the Thompson's generous support of scholarships for BGSU students.

Thompson Scholarship Programs supports our Thompson Scholars by providing them with life-changing opportunities and support even beyond the financial element. Our dedicated advisors invest in our students’ successes and seek to provide growth opportunities. We are also proud of our commitment to service to continue Mr. and Mrs. Thompson’s legacy of helping others.

Scholarship Advisor

Thompson Scholars are assigned a scholarship advisor whose role is to connect, support and encourage them to plan out and achieve their goals at BGSU and beyond. Through one-on-one meetings and regular outreach, advisors provide support in a variety of areas including making connections, questions about majors and academics, getting involved on campus, mental health, roommate conflict and more.

BGSU 1910

Life Design is a campus-wide initiative created for incoming first-year students to help them make the most out of their BGSU experience. The course equips them with a framework and tools to design academic, career and life experiences that align with who they are, what they value, and what they want to do in life. Many of our new incoming Thompson Scholars are enrolled in a Thompson specific BGSU 1910 course taught by a Thompson Advisor. We hope the course continues to build supportive relationships for scholars and staff!

Service Opportunities

Community service is an integral part of the Thompson Scholar Experience. The Thompsons place a high value on having a heart of service and have been role models of ways to serve. Scholars are required to complete service each semester but often go above and beyond to serve their community. Our goal is to help students identify and pursue meaningful service opportunities that align with their values, interests and career goals, in addition to learning how their participation in service relates to current societal issues. Our hope is for Thompson Scholars to cultivate a spirit of giving back in honor of all they have received and to continue the legacy of Robert and Ellen Thompson.

Scholar Service Highlights

  • In March 2022, a group of 11 scholars and three staff members traveled to Detroit for our first-ever Thompson Scholar service trip. While there, we worked with Cass Community Social Services. This Detroit-based agency has a person-centered philosophy and is dedicated to providing food, housing, health services and job programs for those in need.
  • In March 2023, eleven of our scholars traveled to Columbus for a service trip with Equitas Health, a nonprofit health organization. Collectively, the scholars completed 90 service hours.
  • Food and Hygiene Products Drive 
    In both the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023, Thompson Scholars collected and donated food and hygiene items for the BGSU Food Pantry, Dean of Students Grab N Go Bags, and Brown Bag Food Project  
    • Fall 2022 – 4,034 food and hygiene items  
    • Spring 2023 – 3,141 food and hygiene items

Summer Link First-Year Scholarship Orientation

The Thompson Summer Link Program is designed to make the transition into University life as smooth as possible for you as an incoming first-year recipient of the Thompson Scholarship. You will connect with other new scholars, engage with the campus community and serve together over several days before the semester begins. 

  • Move in EARLY (if living on-campus) and have time to get settled into your new room/surroundings 
  • Make connections with other new Thompson Scholars, current scholars and staff 
  • Learn about scholarship requirements, expectations and support 
  • Get acclimated to campus and key campus resources  
  • Set goals and develop a plan for a successful transition to BGSU 
  • Complete hours towards your community service requirement

For students in the Honors College, specific Learning Communities and Falcon Marching Band, you will attend our One-Day Orientation instead to prepare you for success within the scholarship program.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team exists to foster inclusion and connection among Thompson Scholars. It was established to complement and enhance the work of Thompson Scholarship Programs in supporting student success.

The Student Leadership Team provides opportunities for academic excellence, alumni relations, connection, scholar development, and service in the community. Its members are responsible for promoting connection, engagement, and service among the students of Thompson Scholarship Programs through the brainstorming, planning, and organization of events.


Abigail Eggleton, 2020 Cohort
The president serves as the primary contact and support person for the executive board and serves as the liaison between the Student Leadership Team and the Thompson Scholarship Programs staff. 

Vice President

Danielle Wood, 2021 Cohort 
The vice-president serves as the president’s right-hand person and stays up to date on all communication and operating procedures necessary to achieve the goals of the executive board.


Cherylle Dave, 2021 Cohort
The Secretary maintains the organization, assimilation and dissemination of all information within the organization. 


Julianne Bailey, 2021 Cohort
The Treasurer oversees the financial activities of the organization.

Academic Excellence Co-Chairs
  • Alexis Craig-Baker, 2022 Cohort
  • Mi'Kaila Henderson, 2021 Cohort
Service Initiatives Co-Chairs
  • Jordan Garner, 2022 Cohort
  • Ceci Michael, 2022 Cohort
Alumni Relations Co-Chair
  • Julianne Wallenhorst, 2021 Cohort
Scholar Development Co-Chairs
  • Tomi Starcher, A2022 Cohort
  • Zach Wells, 2020 Cohort
Connections Co-Chairs
  • R'ion Champion, 2022 Cohort
  • Reagan Zehnder, 2021 Cohort
Social Media Ambassadors
  • Sarah Grownwall, 2022 Cohort
  • Alyssa Lago, 2020 Cohort
Academic Excellence Committee
  • Emi Castillo, 2023 Cohort
  • Isabella Garrett, T2022 Cohort
  • Arianna Jeric, A2022 Cohort
  • Hanna Purcell, 2023 Cohort
  • Thomas Rose, 2023 Cohort
  • Mason Schragal, 2023 Cohort
  • Corey Snell, 2023 Cohort
  • Peyton Spencer, 2023 Cohort
  • Brody Stultz, 2020 Cohort
  • Alex Suttles, 2023 Cohort
Scholar Development Committee
  • Melina Bell, A2021
  • Emily Burns, 2023 Cohort
  • Elijah Chambers, 2020 Cohort
  • Lilly Coriell, 2023 Cohort
  • Chloe Dean, 2023 Cohort
  • Torin Hinkle, 2023 Cohort
  • Jackson Long, 2020 Cohort
  • Jada Tucker, A2022 Cohort
Alumni Relations Committee
  • Alexis Beeman, A2022 Cohort
  • Liberty Cummings, 2023 Cohort
  • Caitlin McComas, 2021 Cohort
  • Jon Mong, 2021 Cohort
  • Jasper Moore, A2022 Cohort
  • John Paroda, 2023 Cohort
  • Jazmyn Zurcher, A2022 Cohort
Service Initiatives Committee
  • Reese Egan, 2023 Cohort
  • Nate Francis, 2022 Cohort
  • Naomi Hallman, 2023 Cohort
  • Trenton Moore, 2021 Cohort
  • Harley Partlow, A2023 Cohort
  • Wynter Smith, A2023 Cohort
  • Kassidy Stanford, 2021 Cohort
  • Jamari Walker, 2021 Cohort
  • Kofi Wiafe, 2023 Cohort
Connections Committee
  • Greta Bauder, 2021 Cohort
  • Katelynn Cascaden, 2023 Cohort
  • Abby Christen, 2023 Cohort
  • Olivia Cox, 2022 Cohort
  • Sydney Dance, 2023 Cohort
  • CarolAnn Durbin, 2020 Cohort
  • Dominik Fartea, 2022 Cohort
  • Natalie Rekart, 2023 Cohort
  • Adrian Xaiyarath, 2022 Cohort
  • Summer Zeleznik, 2023 Cohort

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