Our Scholars

Thompson Scholars have many opportunities to get involved within our program, at BGSU and in the community. We are so proud to share their successes and achievements!

"By receiving the Thompson Scholarship, a weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders, which has allowed me to participate more, be more active and make more friends throughout my time here."
– Hayden Hildreth (A2019)

Student Accomplishments

Academic achievement is at the heart of the Thompson Working Families Scholarship, and we are equally proud of our scholar's community accomplishments!

The best part of being Freddie Falcon is the ability to change someone's day for the better ten, sometimes one hundred times in a day. I enjoyed belonging to and forming a connection with so many organizations. Attending these organizations and events gave me so much perspective on what students are capable of doing at BGSU and showed me that each individual plays a unique part in making BGSU home for so many! BGSU is the home that I love!

- Brenden Dean

My experience with USG has enabled me to give back to campus and the BG community. Thank you for welcoming me into an amazingly friendly community that is determined to achieve positive change.

- Nolan McHugh

I love music and telling a story, and I feel most in my element when performing. The thrill is amazing, and it’s made even better knowing no matter what happens you are the most prepared you can be.

- Andrew Puschel

Studying abroad has created opportunities I never expected," said Fawcett. "Taking classes in another country and living in an entirely different environment brings challenges and eye opening experiences everyday. Being able to adapt and thrive in a new place where the language is different from your own is one of the most empowering decisions I’ve ever made.

- Rachel Fawcett

The Marvin Center for Student Leadership has changed my life," said Javana. "It helped me find a larger voice and taught me how to be a more effective leader. Working with a professional marketing team was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was so fun. The people who helped me through the process were amazing to work with.

- Javana Joyce

It is truly amazing the impact Freddie and Frieda have on people. Their faces light up with excitement and most people are always happy to see us. That’s what being a mascot is all about - spreading school spirit and making people’s days better.

- Danny Howard

Scholar Service Highlights

One on the most important aspects of the Thompson Working Families Scholarship is to help our scholars cultivate hearts committed to serving others, just as Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have done for so many.

See Current service opportunities!

Service Trip

In March 2021, a group of 11 scholars and three staff members traveled to Detroit for our first-ever Thompson service trip. While there, we worked with Cass Community Social Services. This Detroit-based agency has a person-centered philosophy and is dedicated to providing food, housing, health services and job programs for those in need.

Food and Hygiene Products Drive

In both the fall of 2021 and the Spring of 2022, Thompson Scholars collected and donated food and hygiene items for the BGSU Food Pantry, Dean of Students Grab N Go Bags, and Brown Bag Food Project 

Fall 2021 (October-November)

3,019 food and hygiene items 

Spring 2022 (March-April)

4,175 food and hygiene items


Green Game Day Cleanup

"Green Game Day" is a collaboration between BGSU Athletics and Campus Sustainability to reduce waste at every home football game. Our scholars volunteered in large groups, which served as an opportunity for them to give back to the campus community and meet other scholars while serving.

The Green Game Day cleanup was a fun experience that allowed me to meet so many new people from campus, as well as help the community of BG. It was a small gesture that helped in more ways than one, and it was super fun.

-Bailey Smith (A2021)

Dog Toy Making Group Service

In November 2020, the Student Leadership Team hosted a group service event where our scholars had the opportunity to create cat and dog toys out of old t-shirts for the local animal shelters and humane society. Over 50 scholars showed up to help create over 100 cat and dog toys.


Congratulations and best wishes to our Thompson graduates! We are so proud of you and look forward to everything you will accomplish as BGSU Alumni! Please stay in touch.

2016 Cohort
Abdijibar Abas
Dakota Cowper
Michael Davis

T2019 Cohort
Karlea Wagner

2016 Cohort
Micah Ellsberry
Oshionna Lee-Hicks
Jacob Rodriguez
Ryan Talbert

T2018 Cohort
Joseph Krause
Catherine Sestokas
Rachel Suzor

A2018 Cohort
Colton Battin
Dylan Byers
Anna Fargo
Caitlin Lewis
Jordan Parker
Simon Stock
Shelby Stoneman
Seth Ketchum

A2019 Cohort
Hannah Foos

2016 Cohort
Rachel Henry

2017 Cohort
William Allen
Sharnay Calloway
Gayge Carroll
Jace Clemens
Breanna Ellerbrock
Alexandria Freehoffer
Elizabeth Groth
Tessa Haselman
Janae Johnson
Patrick Kinnear
Adreanna Klepec
Veronica Knott
Jordyn Kuemerle
Cecilia Kuss-Shivler
Kortni Martin
Kyrsten Nagypaul
Sierra Nathans
Gracyn Stechschulte

A2018 Cohort
Marra Aldredge
Sana Ali
Samuel Beaver
KiaLynne Bland
Julia Bohland
Hayley Boysel
Nicholas Carlin
Capri Catania
Angeline Cirino
Ashley Compston
Kate Cook
Charles Copeland
Deborah Corson
Mason Dicke
Joshua Filips
Cameron Flynn
Ahmad Ghanim
Grant Goodman
Quinn Gordon
Trevor Hensley
Zolee Howard
Morgan Jaquis
Meadow Kaye
Bradley Keating
Erin Lynch
Emma Marsh
Hannah Natzke
Julia Orshoski
Christine Painter
Bailee Pihlblad
Amanda Pobega
Natalie Ray
Sara Ripploh
Cameron Rufus
Lauren Scherette
Brynna Schroeder
Audrey Schweers
Scarlet Sevits
Corynn Spahr
Griffin Spilman
Tamarind Turner
Jessie Walton
Blaire Wehrley
Jacqueline Weir
Clarke Wheeler
Trey Yates

2018 Cohort
Madyson Aguinaga
Cassandra Clark
Kassidy Fark
Taylor Holtman
Ryan Olee
Taylor Zeller

T2019 Cohort
Justin Bialecki
Lauryn Boudreaux
Haley Hawkins
William Maier
Kimberly McNeil
Mackenzie Miller
Allison Peneff
Trey Talabac
Lorenzo Zamora

A2019 Cohort
Alaina Brubaker
Morgan Espelage
Cali McQueen
Hattie Meyer
Lauren Tucker
Martha Yost
Reid Zura

2019 Cohort
Jalena Cozart

A2020 Cohort
Annabella Voska

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