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The Thompson Working Families Scholarship is a need-based scholarship program focused on rewarding academic success and a commitment to service. The $5,500 Thompson Scholarship combined with BGSU’s match of $5,500 (which may adjust your current aid package) totals an $11,000 scholarship/year, which is renewable. In addition, each scholar in our program receives:

  • One-on-one support from your scholarship advisor
  • Group service events with other Thompson Scholars
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Social interaction and engagement opportunities
  • Ongoing communication throughout the program
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Summer Link or One-Day Orientation Program to ease the transition to BGSU

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Robert and Ellen Thompson Working Families Scholarship Program

For entering Freshmen
Incoming BGSU first-years with documented community service and a current FAFSA application may apply to receive an eight-semester award.

Apply for the Working Families Scholarship

Thompson Working Families Achievement Scholarship

For current first-year students
This six-semester award is for current first-year students at BGSU with at least a 3.0 GPA and 30 earned credit hours by the end of your first year at BGSU.

Apply for the Working Families Achievement Scholarship

Requirements for All Thompson Scholars

  • Must maintain a 3.0+ cumulative GPA
  • Maintain full-time status and earn 30+ hours a year 

Must complete 20 hours of approved service each year. (10 of 20 must be completed by the end of fall semester to remain in Good Standing)

Visit BGSUserves to find current service opportunities

Must file FAFSA (and complete verification, if applicable) each academic year to demonstrate financial need.

Visit to apply for FAFSA

Attend scholarship orientation, advisor one-on-ones, large group and pod meetings to support your transition and success.

Scholars write one letter to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson at the start of your BGSU career and one at the end. We provide a template and suggestions on what to write. 

To me, being a Thompson scholar has meant that I have been able to focus on my studies rather than stress about my financial situation. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities from the Thompson staff, a sense of belonging, and most of all the ability to attend college. This scholarship has allowed me to gain access to opportunities I would not have had otherwise. I will be graduating college with little debt and an amazing education all thanks to the opportunities this scholarship has provided me.

- Paige Emick (A2020 Cohort)

Updated: 05/20/2024 12:30PM