Who Is Who

The Senate is the Legislative Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government and focuses on yielding the legislative powers of the organization.

At Large Senators

These senators represent students as at-large representatives of the entire undergraduate population. (11 Seats)

Name Email
  Hannah Boyle hboyle@bgsu.edu
  Emily Gerome egerome@bgsu.edu
  Sourab Shaik shaiks@bgsu.edu
  Gabe Wagner wagnerg@bgsu.edu

Resident Hall Senators

These senators specifically represent the undergraduate students that live within each respective Residence Hall on campus. These positions are filled via appointment from each Hall Council.

Position Name Email
Centennial Hall Keaton Thieding kthiedi@bgsu.edu
Conklin Hall VACANT -
Falcon Heights Brenden Dean
Founders Hall Audrey Narhi aenarhi@bgsu.edu
Kohl Hall VACANT -
Kreischer Ashley-Batchelder VACANT -
Kreischer Compton-Darrow Noah Hausman nhausma@bgsu.edu
McDonald Hall VACANT -
Offenhauer Hall VACANT -

College Senators

These senators specifically represent their college and are elected into the position by undergraduate students of each respective college for one year terms.

Position Name Email
College of Arts & Sciences Luke Clark lukeac@bgsu.edu
Schmidthorst College of Business VACANT -
College of Education & Human Development VACANT -
College of Health & Human Services VACANT -
College of Musical Arts Tate Stewart
College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering Keaton Thieding kthedi@bgsu.edu
Honors College VACANT -

Diversity Affairs Senators

These senators are individuals who identify with or considers themselves an ally to underrepresented populations on campus. (4 Seats)

Position Name Email

Appointed Senators

These senators are appointed through their representative organization or constituency group for one year terms.

Name Email
Athletics Kayla Davis kaylaed@bgsu.edu
International Student Chien Minh Tran Phouc chient@bgsu.edu
Military Student Noah Oettinger madisoo@bgsu.edu
Non-Traditional Student VACANT -
Asian Student Union VACANT -
Black Student Union Taran Sherman tasherm@bgsu.edu
Latino Student Union VACANT -
Queer/Trans Student Union Taylor Vanek tvanek@bgsu.edu

Multicultural/Accessibility Advocate Senator

A Multicultural /Accessibility Advocate Senator is an individual who considers themselves an ally to students with differing levels of ability and is passionate about working to create a more inclusive environment on campus. They act as a liaison to Accessibility Services. (1 Seat)

Positon Name Email

Student Labor Senator

A Student Labor Senator is an undergraduate student who is employed either part-time or full-time on campus or considers themselves an advocate for student labor rights. (1 Seat)

Positon Name Email

Off Campus Senators

The senators specifically represent all undergraduate students who do not live on campus. (10 Seats)

Positon Name Email
  Claire Wint cewint@bgsu.edu
  Ty Jennings tyshonj@bgsu.edu

Greek Council Senators

These senators represent each of the four Greek Councils on campus and are appointed to these positions through the executive board of each council.

Positon Name Email
Inter-Fraternity Council Joshua Auten autenj@bgsu.edu
Multicultural Greek Council Lauren Yazumbek lyzaumb@bgsu.edu
National Panhellenic Council VACANT -
Panhellenic Council Halle Landin hlandin@bgsu.edu


Zachary Noesen

Zachary Noesen

Email: znoesen@bgsu.edu
Phone: 630-441-3044

Zach Noesen is a third-year student majoring in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) and minoring in History. Zach has been involved in Undergraduate Student Government since his first year at Bowling Green State University and was the Academic Affairs Committee Chair for the past year. 



Rose Brookhart

Email: rbrookh@bgsu.edu
Phone: 216-905-2646

Rose Brookhart is a third-year student from Cleveland, Ohio studying Art History with a minor in Nonprofit Administration. She has previously served as the Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences and been a member of both the Student and Academic Affairs Committees.

Speaker's Office

Speaker of the Senate Gabe Wagner wagnerg@bgsu.edu
Legislative Secretary Joseph Blair jablair@bgsu.edu

Committee Chairs

Name Email
Academic Affairs Sourab Shaik shaiks@bgsu.edu
Internal Affairs Emily Gerome egerome@bgsu.edu
Student Affairs Hannah Boyle hboyle@bgsu.edu


The Cabinet is the administrative body, appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, that spearhead initiatives within their focus areas and help with the internal functions of the Senate.

Position Name Email
Chief of Staff VACANT -
Chief Administrator
Kaylee Kahl kahlk@bgsu.edu
Treasurer VACANT -
Director of Safety & Well-Being Carly Hitchcock hcarly@bgsu.edu
Director of Student Engagment Damon Sherry dsherry@bgsu.edu
Director of Community Engagement Elyse Adrian eadrian@bgsu.edu
Director of Campus Affordability   VACANT -
Director of Campus Sustainability VACANT -
Director of Student Labor VACANT -
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion VACANT -


March 2018 Head Shot2

     Jodi Webb

         Position: Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
         Phone: 419.372.2147
         Email: jwebb@bgsu.edu

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