Student Employment Forms

The following hiring/termination processes can be performed electronically: 

  1. To process hourly hires/rehires - use E-Hire
  2. To process Biweekly Compensation hires/rehires - use E-Hire
  3. To process hourly terminations - use Manager Dashboard
    • Early terminations for Biweekly Compensations will still use paper addendums, found below
  4. To process supervisor changes - Manager Dashboard
  • Hourly Change Form - for processing merit and longevity raises, reclassifications, and account code changes
  • Group Change Form - for processing merit and longevity raises for groups of students under the same account code
  • Bi-Weekly Compensation Addendum Form - for students paid a set amount over a specified time period.
  • Bi-Weekly Time Submission Form - timesheet for students on Bi-Weekly Compensation or Commission- employers must retain a copy for three years after the student is terminated
  • Commission Hire Form - employment for a specified period of time where earnings are submitted by the department on a per assignment basis
  • Commission Addendum Form - payment form for commission hire submitted to payroll on per assignment basis