Time and Labor Information

All hourly students should be reporting their time via the Time & Labor (T&L) system. 

Approving Student Time


Please view the above training video and then submit the HCM Security Access Request.

Please choose the following:
Area: Payroll

TCD’s are usually installed on the main floor near the entrance, this may or may not be the first floor.

Supervisors have to complete a Department Override form available from Payroll, contact Payroll at 419-372-2201 or at payroll@bgsu.edu)

  • Verify that the student has been “Cleared to Work” from Student Employment Services (SES) and that 24-48 hours has passed since receiving the clearance for processing.
  • If the student cannot swipe in, ask the student to manually enter their ID; remembering to hit the “Enter" key in the lower right of the touchscreen keyboard.
  • If student can manually enter their ID, there may be something wrong with the card reader or with the student’s ID card.

If the problem persists with multiple student employees, contact ITS at 2-0999 or contact ITS via live chat to initiate a ticket to check the TCD.

When students manually clock in, they should:

  • Enter the entire ID number.
  • Do not drop any of the zeroes.
  • Use the “E” (enter) key on the touch keyboard.
  • Do not use the green circle above the keyboard.
  • Contact SES at 372.2865 or stuemp@bgsu.edu to make sure that the supervisor information is accurate on the employment record. 
  • Verify you are in the correct time period on the selection screen. Hit “refresh” and “Get Employees” if you have changed the time period.  
  • For new students/rehires, there is a 24 hour lag time between the time the students are entered into PeopleSoft and the timesheet is created.
  • Check your Group ID and make sure the last letter is an “S” for students.
  • To search by name, input is case-sensitive.
  • T & L only applies to hourly students now, but it may apply to contracted students in the future. Completing the training and obtaining the necessary security in advance of this occurring can be helpful, and it may be necessary to hire an hourly student in the future.

Give it a few minutes and let the screen run to build cache. Close out of the application and try opening it again. If the problem persists, request a ticket to resolve the issue from TSC at 2.0999 or contact ITS via live chat.

In order to access HCM queries, you must have access to HCM Query Viewer.

  • Environment: HCM
  • Area: Human Resources

Information about HCM security is available here. Once access is granted, queries can be found at Main Menu> Reporting Tools> Query> Query Viewer.

The following public queries are available for supervisors:

  • BG_TL_STUDENT_HRS_BY_EMP - shows detail of all hours worked by a student between the begin and end dates. Results will show multiple empl rcds if the student has worked multiple jobs within the begin and end dates.
  • BG_TL_STUDENT_HRS_BY_DEPT_EMP – shows detail of all hours worked by a student within a specific department between the begin and end dates. 
  • BG_TL_STUDENT_HRS_BY_ACCT –shows detail of all hours worked by all students within a specific department between the begin and end dates.