E-Hire is Student Employment's online hiring tool.  Using E-Hire removes the need for printing, scanning and faxing paper and helps to streamline the hiring process.


E-Hire access
If you have never used E-Hire before and are not a Time and Labor supervisor, please submit the HCM Security Access Request.

Please choose the following:
Area: Student Employment Services

Navigate to E-Hire

To access E-Hire (once security has been granted by ITS):

  1. Type HCM.bgsu.edu into your web browser. 
  2. Sign in using your BGSU user name and password. 
  3. Choose Main Menu> BGSU Menu> Human Resources> Student E-Hire.
Enter your hire
  1. Navigate to E-Hire.
  2. Click the "Add a New Value" tab.
  3. Enter the ID number of the student you wish to hire. Click Add.
  4. Enter the requested information.  You will need information supplied by the WorkNet confirmation email, the department Job Index and some supervisor data. These include:
  • Hiring department number.
  • Job Code for the position the student is filling (these always start with "S" and can be retrieved from the WorkNet email confirmation) .
  • Hire Code for the position the student is filling (also retrieved from the WorkNet email confirmation).
  • Job Title for the position the student is filling (should match the Job Index).
  • Work Location code. Main Campus is 16810 and Firelands Campus is 868000122. (These codes are subject to change.)
  • Hire Date (the first date that the student will be working) .
  • BGSU ID number for the person who will be supervising the student. You can use the spyglass to look up the BGSU ID number by using the person's name.
  • Pay Rate for the position the student is filling (must match the base rate on the Job Index).
  • Funding Department/ budget number, including payroll speedtype, that the student should be chagred to. If this position can only be filled by a student with Federal Work Study, be sure to click the box next to "Hire this student only if he/she is eligible for FWS." Please note: if the box is checked and the student is NOT FWS eligible, the eHire will be denied and returned to the supervisor.

Step-by-step instructions for Hourly hires.

Step-by-step instructions for Biweekly Compensations.

5. Click the "Send to SES for Approval" button. This adds the hire to a queue in SES to be checked and added to payroll once the student is cleared to work.

6. If the student has not worked on campus before, you will see a message box stating:

Employment will not be authorized until the student completed the I-9 process and PERS documents. 

If this message appears, please direct the student to the SES website to complete on-boarding paperwork. Please note: the student will be required to visit SES at 225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union with the completed forms and supporting documents as outlined in the instructions. New employees of BGSU CANNOT be cleared to work - or begin to work - until this on-boarding process is complete.

Note that if a student is already employed on campus or has accepted a FWS award, a notice will appear at the top under the student's name.

Review/Update your hire

You can also use E-hire to review the status of existing hires or to make updates to any E-Hires that have not yet been sent to SES for Approval.

  1. Navigate to E-Hire.
  2. Click the "Find an Existing Value" tab.
  3. Enter the ID number of the student you wish to hire. Click Search.

Step-by-step instructions for reviewing and updating E-Hires.