Centennial Hall

Centrally located on campus, Centennial Hall has the capacity to house around 600 students in air-conditioned double rooms with private bathrooms. This hall is co-ed throughout the building and is for first-year and new transfer students only. Centennial shares a courtyard with Kohl Hall and is steps away from Carillon Place dining center, which hosts all-you-care-to-eat meal plans.


Hall Director

Ivy McCombs
Phone: 419-372-4052
Email: ivyem@bgsu.edu

New Students Only | $$$ | In-room Bathroom | A/C

Room Layout Available In This Hall: In-Room Bathroom

The easiest way to explain the 'in-room bathroom' layout is to compare it to a hotel room. They are standard rooms shared with access to a private bathroom shared between roommates.

Building Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • BGTV & Streaming
  • Computer Lab*
  • Coin-free Laundry*
  • Co-ed throughout
  • Kitchen*
  • Secure Access
  • Study Space*
  • 24-hour Desk Service
  • 100% Wireless

* Located on the first floor and shared by the entire building.

Students | Only First-year and New Transfer Students can select to live in this hall.

Bedroom | Most students living in Centennial Hall will be living in a Double Room. For both available options, see below:

  • Double Room - Two roommates sharing a bathroom located inside the room.
  • Single Room - A limited number of Single Rooms are available at a higher price point. The three private rooms are grouped together by a common area and share one bathroom.

Bathroom | Students are responsible for supplying their own cleaning products, shower curtain, toilet paper and cleaning the bathroom.

Community | Halls that don't have a community bathroom tend to be more private than Traditional Rooms and tend to be a quieter community. Lounges are available for students to socialize outside of their rooms.  

Bedroom Environment

  • Bed - Extra-long twin, Adjustable Loft
  • Chair
  • Desk

One per student.

  • Dresser
  • Moveable Furniture
  • Closet - Built-in

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout the Housing Selection Guide. Housing Applications for New Students are available starting in October through Mid-May. Before starting the Housing Selection Process, you will need to:

  1. Be admitted into BGSU
  2. Activate your BGSU email here which will also create your MyBGSU account

Helpful tip: Pay your $200 Initial Housing Payment as soon as possible. It is completely refundable until June 1 and secures your place in the room selection process.

Housing Application Guide

Campus Dining oversees meal plans. All First-year Students must enroll in a Custom Dining Plan. The plans include a combination of Meal Swipes and Falcon Dollars, giving you the flexibility to use at all on-campus locations. You can choose which Custom Dining Plan that best fits your needs.

Dining Options

Living on campus is an important part of your overall success as a BGSU student. It has been proven that students who live on campus have a higher GPA – and persistence towards graduation – faster than their peers who live off campus. Because of this, Bowling Green State University’s Board of Trustees has set a Residency Requirement that states a student must live on campus their first two years. The Residency Requirement is enforced unless one or more of the exemption criteria are met -or- the student has an approved housing appeal.

Housing Policies

Yes, although it is not a necessity, all students can choose to bring a car to BGSU. If you want to bring your vehicle, you will need to purchase a permit through Parking Services and will only be allowed to park in specific lots.

Parking Services

Every Residence Hall at BGSU is Co-ed, meaning both males and females live in each building. The way the males and females are separated is based on what type of rooms are offered in the building.

Co-ed by Wing or Floor | Traditional Room layouts are Co-ed by wing meaning that males are located down one section of the floor and females are located down the other section of the floor. The same buildings may also have male and female rooms separated by floor.

Co-ed Throughout the Building | Suite Style and In-room Bathroom Rooms are Co-ed on each floor and wing. A mix of male and female rooms are spread-out throughout the entire building.

There are advantages of each type of room layout. You have to find what works best for you. Some students assume they would prefer a Suite-Style room and end up preferring a Traditional Room. It just depends on your personality and what type of college experience you want to have.

Traditional | When someone says the college experience they are typically talking about a Traditional Room set up. Hall-style, standard rooms that are typically shared with one roommate. Students share the community bathroom that is equipped with multiple showers, sinks and toilets to choose from and the University cleans/maintains them on a regular basis.

In-room Bathroom | The easiest way to explain this option is to compare it to a hotel room. Standard rooms that are typically shared with one roommate and the bathroom is located inside the room. Students are responsible for supplying their own cleaning products, shower curtain, toilet paper and cleaning the bathroom.

Suite-style | Double Rooms or Single Rooms that are grouped together by a common area. The suitemates share the common area which is typically described as a small "living room" and one or two bathroom(s). Students are responsible for supplying their own cleaning products, shower curtain, toilet paper and cleaning the bathroom.

On Move-In Day, you will find a space waiting for your personal touch! For your convenience, we have put together the following packing suggestions for you.

Packing List

Room Layouts

Bedroom sizes vary room to room. The sizes are an average and only include the bedroom space. It does not include the dimensions of the closets, sink or bathroom.

In-room Bathroom - Double

  • Two-person bedroom with Private Bathroom 
  • Bedroom Size | 10' 11" x 13' 9"
  • Majority of the rooms are in this layout.

In-room Bathroom - Single

  • Three single bedrooms share a Private Bathroom 
  • Bedroom Size | 8' 10" x 11' 7"
  • Only 15 of these are available.


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