Economy Triples

Economy Triples are the most economical housing option offered, saving first-year students between $990 - $1055 per semester.* When living in an Economy Triple, students can expect a slightly larger room to accommodate two roommates instead of one and access all the same amenities and services.               

2019-2020 Economy Triple Application

Opens at 9 a.m. on March 12 and closes at 8 a.m. on May 1.


The majority of the economy triples available are in Offenhauer Towers. We do have a few in Centennial Hall and Falcon Heights but receiving an Economy Triple room in one of these halls is very competitive. 

2019-2020 Residence Hall Rates    

Economy Triple

Standard Double

Savings Per Semester

Centennial Hall  $2,390 $3,445 $1,055
Conklin Hall $2,250 $3,240 $990
Falcon Heights 
$2,390 $3,445 $1,055
Offenhauer Towers  $2,250 $3,240 $990

*Price savings is compared to a double room in the same residence hall.

Room Sizes

Room sizes vary from room to room, hall to hall. The average size of a double room is 180 square feet and the average size of an Economy Triple is 239 square feet.

What is an Economy Triple?

Standard Double Room


Economy Triple Room

Photo linking to the 360 virtual housing experience. The photo shows three students hanging out in their economy triple bedroom in Falcon Heights. Two students are playing video games while the other reads on a bed.

Want to see what the layouts look like? 

Check out our 360 Virtual Housing Experience and navigate to Falcon Heights, Founders Hall and Offenhauer Towers. 



  • A room originally designed for two individuals to share and converted to accommodate three people.
  • A cheaper option because of the smaller space
  • Students in this type of room will have two roommates
  • Students have to fill out a special form in order to receive an Economy Triple room.
  • Only offered to first-year students in the following halls:
    • Centennial Hall
    • Falcon Heights
    • Offenhauer Towers


  • The most affordable housing on campus
  • Microfridge (mini-fridge and microwave combined)
  • Lofted Bed
  • Desk
  • Dresser
  • Wardrobe


  • The average size of a double room is 180 square feet (90 sqft per person) and the average size of an Economy Triple is 239 square feet (76 sqft per person).*
  • As a triple, students will share a room with two other people which means they will have less space, but pay a lower rate.
  • Students will not be able to bring a refrigerator, microwave or futon as the room is not large enough. Please note: One microwave/refrigerator combo unit will be provided by the University for each room for roommates to share.
  • All beds are lofted and will need to stay lofted in the economy triple so all furnishings fit within the room
  • Students will not receive a self-selection time issued in May because room assignments will be done by Residence Life staff.

*Please note, the sizes listed are averages and some rooms are smaller than 239 sq ft.

Economy Triple Application

Application Opens: 9 a.m. on Monday, March 12, 2019
Closes: 8 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1, 2019
In order for your application to be considered, you must be a BGSU first-year student in Fall 2019 and have your housing application and $200 initial housing payment complete before the application closes. 

Economy Triple rooms will not be an available option during the main housing selection process. Students who are interested in living in an Economy Triple must fill out this application prior to May 1. Our housing staff will do their best to accommodate all requests but there is no guarantee everyone who fills out the application will receive an Economy Triple room.

All applicants will be told if they received an Economy Triple prior to the New Student Standard Room Selection (May 13 - 16). If a student receives an Economy Triple, they will be manually assigned a room by our housing staff and will not participate in the New Student Standard Room Selection.

First-yearsStudents are eligible to live in Economy Triple rooms. Students who are interested in living in an Economy Triple will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the housing application form through your MyBGSU account and make the $200 initial housing payment.
  2. Fill out the Economy Triple Application.


Location is determined by the the demand for space. Currently they are slated to be located in Centennial Hall, Falcon Heights and Offenhauer Towers.

Economy Triple rooms were once large two-person rooms. This translates to enough space for each resident to receive a full set of furniture but less space per person. To maximize the space, all beds will need to remain lofted with the desk and dresser under it.

Helpful tip: As you consider a triple room, ensure that you are comfortable sleeping in a bed that is lofted from the ground.

No. Economy Triples are only offered to New/Transfer students at this time.

Living in an Economy Triple can save you between $990 - $1,055 per semester, compared to a two-person room. Rates for Economy Triples can be found on the Room and Meal Plan Rates page.

Because of the increase in demand and enrollment, Economy Triples have been added to our room inventory for the academic year. Students that select an Economy Triple room will be assigned there for the entire academic year.

  • MicroFridge (mini-fridge and microwave combined)
  • Three Lofted Beds
  • Three Wardrobes
  • Three Dressers
  • Three Desks and Chairs

Need help with your move? Check out our Packing List.

  • Futons
  • Multiple TVs
  • Other mini-fridges or microwaves

If you opted into an Economy Triple you are not provided a self-section time as you have already been assigned a room. 

Placement is based upon your listed preferences, housing initial payment date and space availability. 

No. On the request form you can request a roommate if you know someone -or- you can leave it blank and the Office of Residence Life will assign you a roommate(s).

If you requested an economy triple by May 1 you will be notified on May 6 through your BGSU email.

  • Application Accepted: If your application is accepted, the email will tell you what room and building you were assigned to. 
  • Application Denied: If you do not receive an assignment in an Economy Triple room, you will receive an email on May 8 with your room selection time, which will take place between May 13 - 16. 

No. If you are assigned to an Economy Triple, you will not receive a room selection time because you have been placed in a room.  

Through the Economy Triple Application you selected a meal plan. If you need to make changes to your meal plan option, you can make the change online or by calling the Campus Dining Accounting Office at 419-372-7933