Economy Triples

Economy Triples are the most economical housing option offered at BGSU, saving First-year Students over $900 per semester.* When living in an Economy Triple, students can expect a larger room to accommodate two roommates instead of one and access all the same amenities and services at BGSU.

*Compaired to two-person rooms in the same residence hall.

Room Setup

Economy Triple room locations are determined by demand for space. Rooms are currently located in Centennial Hall, Conklin Hall, Falcon Heights and Offenhauer Towers.

Students living in an Economy Triple will receive:

  • The most affordable housing on campus
  • Microfridge (mini-fridge and microwave combined)
  • Lofted Bed
  • Desk
  • Dresser
  • Wardrobe

Signup to Live in an Economy Triple

First-year Students are eligible to live in Economy Triple rooms. Students who are interested in living in an Economy Triple will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the housing application form through your MyBGSU account.
  2. Submit the Economy Triple Form.


Location is determined by the the demand for space. Currently they are slated to be located in Centennial Hall, Conklin Hall, Falcon Heights and Offenhauer Towers.

Economy Triple rooms were once large two-person rooms. This translates to enough space for each resident to receive a full set of furniture but less space per person. To maximize the space, all beds will need to remain lofted with the desk and dresser under it.

Helpful tip: As you consider a triple room, ensure that you are comfortable sleeping in a bed that is lofted from the ground.

Living in an Economy Triple can save you over $900 per semester, compared to a two-person room. Rates for Economy Triples can be found on the Room and Meal Plan Rates page.

Because of the increase in demand and enrollment, Economy Triples have been added to our room inventory for the 2017-18 Academic Year. Students that select an Economy Triple room will be assigned there for the entire Academic Year.

  • MicroFridge (mini-fridge and microwave combined)
  • Three Lofted Beds
  • Three Wardrobes
  • Three Dressers
  • Three Desks and Chairs

Need help with your move? Check out our Packing List.

  • Futons
  • Multiple TVs
  • Other mini-fridges or microwaves

If you opted into an Economy Triple you are not provided a self-section time as you have already been assigned a room. 

Placement is based upon your listed preferences, housing initial payment date and space availability. 

No. On the request form you can request a roommate if you know someone -or- you can leave it blank and the Office of Residence Life will assign you a roommate(s).

If you requested an economy triple by May 4, 2017 you will be notified on May 5, 2017 through your BGSU email.

No. If you are assigned to an Economy Triple, you will not receive a room selection time because you have been placed in a room.