Ohio Student Residency for State Subsidy and Tuition Surcharge Purposes


The guidelines are established by the Ohio Board of Regents, the planning and coordinating agency for higher education in the State of Ohio.  Students who are classified as residents for tuition purposes receive the benefit of a state-supported education funded largely by the the taxpayers of Ohio.  The guidelines are meant to exclude from resident classification those people who are in the State of Ohio primarily for the purpose of receiving the benefit of a state-supported education.

The term "Ohio Resident" for tuition purposes may differ from other definitions of Ohio residency.  A person who has an Ohio drivers license or who is a resident for tax, voting, or welfare purposes may not necessarily be considered a resident for tuition purposes.  To be classified as a resident for tuition purposes, a student must meet the guidelines for residency as defined by the Ohio Board of Regents.

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Last Updated: 1/5/18