Ordering Official Transcripts - FAQs

Ordering Official Transcripts FAQs

If you have ordered your transcript through Credentials for pickup, Rush or Same Day Service, you can authorize someone to pick up your transcript by entering their name on the order form. The name and quantity will be entered once Rush or Same Day Pickup Service is selected. The person named may come to our office with a Photo ID to pick up the transcript. If you need a transcript to arrive somewhere quickly, we recommend you utilize the delivery services provided by Credentials, Inc. You may do so by following the instructions for current students or alumni.

If you have a hold on your record, a transcript will not be released until it is cleared. Credentials Inc. will check twice a day to see if the hold has been resolved. They will do this for 30 days. If the hold is not cleared in that time period, the request will be cancelled and you will need to submit a new request. Your credit card will not be charged if the order is cancelled.

If you place an order through Credentials Inc. you may indicate that you wish to hold your transcript for grades. We only hold a request for the end of semester posting of final grades. Transcripts being held for grades will not be released until two weeks after the deadline for grades for the specified term. After two weeks all transcript requests will be released, even if grades of NGR, INC or IP are present on the current term.

Transcripts can be held for a degree to post for requests processed by Credentials Inc. Those requests will not be released until your college office has informed the Office of Registration and Records that you have met all degree requirements. There cannot be any financial holds on your record at the time your degree is confirmed. If there are financial holds, the request will not be released until all encumbrances are resolved.

Bowling Green State University has been appointed to issue transcripts on behalf of Mary Manse College. Students may request a transcript by following the instructions found HERE.

Last updated: 6/10/21

Updated: 06/10/2021 10:34AM