Information for Submitting Final Semester Grades

Submission of final semester grades using Faculty Center

  • Quick Reference instructions for final semester grade submission using Faculty Center
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) regarding final semester grade submission
  • Please note the icons displayed above My Teaching Schedule are not live links, these are provided as a legend for your reference. To select a Grade Roster, select the appropriate icon in the column next to the class name.

Submission of Grades for Canvas users

  • For faculty members who use Canvas, please follow the instructions provided above for entering grades using Faculty Center.  

Items of interest for those submitting final semester grades

  • Processing final semester grades in CSS is "real time".  Final semester grades are available to students as soon as they are posted. 
  • Academic Standings will be available following the grade processing, which is completed the Wednesday after Finals week.
  • Final semester grades need to be entered for every student on the Grade Roster.
  • Timetable for submitting final semester grades: 
    • Spring 2016 Final Grade Rosters will be created on the last day of each session. If the session lasts until the end of the term, they'll be created on April 25, 2016.
    • Faculty may begin to post grades as soon as the Grade Roster is available
    • Faculty may continue to post the Grade Roster through 5 p.m. on May 11, 2016
    • After 5 p.m. on May 11, 2016, Registration and Records will:
      • post any grades saved on Grade Rosters
      • populate a grade of NGR (no grade) for any grade not recorded or saved on the Grade Roster
      • do a final post of all final grades
  • Once grades are posted, an instructor will need to obtain a Grade Change form from their college office and submit it with appropriate signatures to change a final grade. The exceptions to this are final grades of 'NGR', which can be changed with a signed memo from the instructor.
  • For students on a Grade Roster who have not attended class or turned in work, Academic Policy states
    • For Undergraduate Students: the student should be given the final grade of 'ATN'
    • For Graduate Students: the student should be given a final grade of 'WF'
    • In addition, Federal regulations regarding Student Financial Aid require you to report the student's last date of attendance
      • This information is required and may be entered on the final grade roster.


 Questions regarding the submission of grades may be directed to



Last Updated: 02.17.16