Information for Submitting Final Semester Grades

Submission of final semester grades using Faculty Center

  • Quick Reference instructions for final semester grade submission using Faculty Center
  • Please note the icons displayed above My Teaching Schedule are not live links, these are provided as a legend for your reference. To select a Grade Roster, select the appropriate icon in the column next to the class name.

Submission of Grades for Canvas users

  • For faculty members who use Canvas, please follow the instructions provided above for entering grades using Faculty Center.  

Items of interest for those submitting final semester grades

  • Processing final semester grades in CSS is "real time".  Final semester grades are available to students as soon as they are posted. 
  • Academic Standings will be available following the grade processing, which is completed the Wednesday after Finals week.
  • Final semester grades need to be entered for every student on the Grade Roster.
  • Once grades are posted, an instructor will need to obtain a Grade Change form from their college office and submit it with appropriate signatures to change a final grade. The exceptions to this are final grades of 'NGR', which can be changed with a signed memo from the instructor.
  • For students on a Grade Roster who have not attended class or turned in work, Academic Policy states
    • For Undergraduate Students: the student should be given the final grade of 'ATN'
    • For Graduate Students: the student should be given a final grade of 'WF'
    • In addition, Federal regulations regarding Student Financial Aid require you to report the student's last date of attendance
      • This information is required and may be entered on the final grade roster.

 Questions regarding the submission of grades may be directed to

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